Wednesday, May 12, 2010


The Blogging Tory two-cans-and-a-piece-of-string communications network is up and running, as everyone rushes to congratulate Stephen Harper on his unparallelled ability to congratulate other people:

The fact that Cameron, without an outright majority, is still at the mercy of the Lib Dems is a detail that would only tarnish an adorable story line, so it's carefully excised.

HOW ... ODD: Apparently, Captain Canada Taylor seems singularly unfazed by the latest developments across the big water (emphasis tail-waggingly added):

Speaking from the steps of the official residence at 10 Downing Street, Cameron said Tuesday evening the Queen has asked him to form a new government and he has accepted. Cameron will form a coalition with the Liberal Democrats. The party's leader, Nick Clegg, will become deputy prime minister.

Stephen Taylor seems perfectly fine with the idea of a coalition government in Britain. This would be the same Stephen Taylor who hysterically wet himself, shrieking about the evils of a coalition government here in Canada not that long ago.

How times have changed.


CK said...

Stephen Taylor in one sentence or less: not in my backyard

I have a feeling he would be more open to an NDP/Harpercon coalition. Not that unthinkable if we remember way back around 2004-5, when they wrote that letter along with the Bloc to form a coalition to oust Paul Martin. Back then, somehow, I think Taylor and his romper roomies were ok with that coalition, so long, of course, that the 'soshalists' and the 'separatists' didn't have much power.

Scotian said...


If it would aid Layton in his goal of replacing the Liberals as the other choice to form government? In a heartbeat, in a heartbeat. Layton has already proven that he places the goal of supplanting the Libs ahead of the goal of stopping Harper, and that he could make common cause with Harper for coalition way back in the Martin minority days as well as for bringing Martin down. Layton has shown himself to be no less driven by expediency for power than Harper himself, which given his pious speechifying about being a party of principles and different from the others is particularly grating to my ear as all blatant and rank hypocrisy is for me. None of our federal leaders (except scarily enough the leader of the BQ) have any moral high ground to stand from IMHO, but it is Harper and Layton that try to claim one all the time.