Friday, April 02, 2004

Great minds think alike, fools seldom differ

It's always mildly amusing when two folks reach the same conclusions independently. From an
online piece by W. David Jenkins III discussing White House spokesweasel Scott McClellan:

"McClellan has been doing his level best through all of these challenges and, I have to admit, he's perfecting his skills at not answering questions posed by the press. He's really getting his rhythm down. Next time there's a press conference, count how many times Scott tells the reporters "I'm not going to answer that" or "You'll have to ask so and so" or - my personal favorite, "I've already answered that." That one always leaves me scratching my head though, because if he's already answered the questions then why not answer it again? Besides, some of the reporters might have been out sick the last time he answered, y'know?"

Then again, it's really kind of just belaboring the obvious, isn't it?

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