Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Pierre Poilievre is a c*nt.

Anonymous commenter points me at this disemboweling of Ron DeSantis by the Rude Pundit, which could not be more spot-on if it was describing the smarmy, hateful Poilievre.

I'd call Poilievre a "twatwaffle" but, apparently, that is simply beyond the pale.

BONUS TRACK: I won't say I called this perfectly, but this snippet from the Rude Pundit matches dead-on with my earlier musing about why Skippy McHateful is not Donald Trump:

"Here's the difference between DeSantis and Donald Trump, and the reason why saying that he's the new Trump (even as he desperately wants to be the new Trump - seriously, motherfucker is trying to look like Trump) is fucking dumb: Try as he might, DeSantis can't hide his cuntiness. Yeah, Trump's a cunt, but Trump's also a goddamn showman. He enjoys playing the role of the raconteur and professional roaster, a con artist supreme, doing his double-handjob dance for the delight of the rubes. For people who believe the same savage things that he does, Trump's got charm to spare. Add to that the number of fucking idiots who really think Trump's some brilliant business tycoon and the even greater idiots who think "He TV man, must vote for TV man because on TV," and Trump was able to coat his cunty ways in a slick lube of celebrity. DeSantis is just a cunt, an angry, petty, whining cunt who appeals to a narrow bunch of shut-ins and maniacs and wealthy fuckfaces who all happen to congregate in Florida. No one else is gonna give a solitary fuck about him if he tries to run for president."

So, yeah, I called it there, didn't I?

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