Thursday, September 22, 2022

Dear Chrystia Freeland: Some free advice.

Just watched Chrystia Freeland tearing CPC leader Crypto McBitcoin a new one here, and it's appalling that she has to shout to be heard over the CPC hecklers across the floor, so I will make the same suggestion I made some time back.

When responding to the trained (or mostly untrained and un-housebroken) barking seal white nationalist asshats in the CPC, do not raise your voice. Even amid the din, answer in a totally conversational style, and if no one can hear it, well, too fucking bad. And keep doing this -- speaking normally even though you're being drowned out.

What is Skippy going to do? His only recourse is to bitch and whine that he didn't hear the answer, at which point, one responds that he could if his fellow CPCers weren't such disrespectful assholes.

Give it a try. See what happens.



Anonymous said...

I had the unfortunate viewing of an exchange between Skippy and Chrystia Freeland.

What stuck me was how stupid Melissa Lantsman looks.
The word Backpfeife comes to mind.

Anonymous said...

Rota obviously isn't doing his job as speaker. It's his job to shout over hecklers and get them to shut up. Why are we paying him extra and providing him with a house if he won't do his job?