Monday, September 19, 2022

Brian Lilley: Lying piece of shit.


Should we start a pool on when Brian apologizes for lying this blatantly?

P.S. Oh, look ... here's lying piece of shit Lorrie Goldstein, being a lying piece of shit just like his fellow hack lying piece of shit Brian Lilley:

I should just map "lying piece of shit" to a hot key to save time.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Many "news" organisations are reporting this as fact.

A spokesman for Mr Trudeau said: "After dinner on Saturday, the Prime Minister joined a small gathering with members of the Canadian delegation, who have come together to pay tribute to the life and service of Her Majesty.

"Gregory Charles, a renowned musician from Quebec and Order of Canada recipient, played piano in the hotel lobby, which resulted in some members of the delegation including the Prime Minister joining."

RossOwesDay said...

Rachel Gilmore says she fact-checked and found the singing was *not* at the Jubilee.

(Having said that, who gives a flying fuck about this story other than Sun Media hacks trying to whip up outrage?)

Anonymous said...

Apparently the footage is authentic, shot two nights before the funeral.
And so what?
It’s clear that Trudeau was close to the Queen, and was genuinely moved by her death.
But actual humans don’t walk around in sackcloth and ashes. They gather, they commiserate, they share, they laugh, and they recover.
So the PM joined a group singing at a hotel lobby piano, and one of the songs they sang was karaoke favourite recorded by a group called “Queen.”
Big fuckind deal.

MikeAdamson said...

No fan of Lilley but his tweet is correct

Anonymous said...

Also, apparently the Queen liked Queen:

Val J