Monday, August 29, 2022

The snowflakedness of right-wing rage badgers.

Do I really need to explain how the vast majority of right-wing online trolls and vicious and vulgar attack dogs, once they're dragged into court, turn into blubbering suckups and whimpering crybabies? Christ, I hope not, but here goes.

As a trivial example, how can we forget the screaming 'QAnon Shaman' who pleaded with the court for a fully organic diet while behind bars:

But let's jump right to this week's example, where social media bitch Chelsea Hillier, after harassing and defaming someone for month after month, ended up in court and, well, behold:

And, completely unsurprisingly, like all weepy crybabies before her, Hillier, well:

I think I've made my point.

P.S. If counsel wants to know how to deal with convicted defamers who file bankruptcy to evade accountability for their actions, drop me a line; I have advice.

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