Friday, May 21, 2021

None dare call it "hypocrisy." Or "bigotry." Or "douchebagitude."

Here's Rebel News Crack Elite Senior Elite and Crack Mission Specialist and clown still looking for his car David Menzies weeping inconsolably and rending his garments in overwhelming grief over the current "War on Worship" targeting the massively lucrative white evangelical Christian demographic:

And here's the same sleazy, hypocritical, racist, xenophobic piece of shit spying on a mosque in order to tattle on them:

I'm glad we had this little chat.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, "massively lucrative white evangelical Christian demographic."

I thought you said lucrative televangelist hustle. Remember that loathsome Sue-Ann Levy and the goats? Or Faith Goldy Rebel's intrepid reporter who claimed there were 2 Muslim shooters, not Alexandre Bissonnette?

It's absurd that people would hand over their money, but they do!!