Monday, January 29, 2018

Dear Twitter: Opportunistically hypocritical much?

Fascinating to note that while Twitter won't add any new tweets from the people I chose to follow to my suspended account, they will still dump promoted fucking shit in there. In other words, while suspending me, they're clearly still counting me as an active account to defraud the people who pay for promoted tweets.

Well played, Twitter. Well played.

P.S. I'd like to expand on the above to demonstrate just what kind of hypocritical pieces of garbage are the scumbags who run Twitter, based simply on the bizarre and indefensible terms of my suspension.

Under my suspension, first, I have no power to see any new tweets in my timeline from the people I am following. Why this is is incomprehensible, since it's not clear how simply reading tweets from the people I am following could possibly affect the Twittersphere. Nonetheless, there it is -- I am not allowed to view any new tweets.

Next, I am not allowed to follow or unfollow anyone, which in a way makes sense since it would not possibly affect anything but, still, I am now prevented from performing an action that could not possibly affect the Twittersphere in any way.

In addition, and most ironically, I am not even allowed to delete any tweets, the irony being that when Twitter suspends you, typically the very first thing they demand of you is to delete the offending tweet(s). Nope, not allowed to do that, either.

So is there anything that is allowed? Weirdly, I've noticed two things that are still active. First, I can still see tweets in my "Notifications" timeline addressed to me. Go figure.

And second (and most irritatingly), even though Twitter seems to think I am such a horrific human being that I must be banished without explanation, they still insist on dumping promoted crap into my timeline. Yes, Twitter's attitude seems to be, "You are a despicable human being, but we will still continue to market to you, even as we prevent you from reading your regular tweets."

Fuck you, Twitter, you piece of shit. Seriously. Fuck you.

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