Sunday, April 25, 2010

And here's where we juxtapose ...

Yes, I'm sure you've been following along at home but, really, it's so worth pointing out that the National Post, after having published Jonathan Kay's Antonia Zerbisias-related, misinformed, libelous piece of shit, then allowing Kay (or his mom, whoever was the bigger whiner) to delete the entirety of the comments and pretend they never happened because he was getting spanked savagely in them, has apparently been rejecting the "Full Comment" submissions of Dr. Dawg because they were "too insulting."

At this point, if the occasion arises, one should no longer intellectually engage Mr. Kay. One should simply spit on him and walk away. And use only your backup spit. He's not worth the good stuff.

: If there is any fairness to the universe, Jonathan Kay's legacy will look something like this:

Corner Gas Spits

Kobra | MySpace Video

I look forward to the day when Kay is cut off from his mommy-driven wingnut welfare and is finally forced to find employment that matches his intellectual accomplishments. And yes, Jonathan, I would like that super-sized, thanks very much.


Dr.Dawg said...

The example my editor gave was my six-liner about McGuinty's sex ed flip-flop, which was certainly insulting, but not something I ever imagined might see publication in the NP.

My longer pieces are no more bitter and twisted than previously, and indeed are sweetness and light compared to Kay's recent little bit of savagery.

Kay is Kelly McPartland's boss.

I suspect they're tiring of the game--come throw rocks at our house leftist--and the truth is, so am I, although it pleased me no end that ol' Five Feet was pissed off enough by my presence to boycott the paper.

I'm still nominally retained: no formal heave-ho order has apparently been issued. But the recent de facto rejection can only be good for the soul. Besides, better to be called a "prominent Canadian" in The Mark than an a$$hole in the NP. The former is mildly embarrassing; the latter is, in the final analysis, pointless.

wv="prial": being pried, as from "Full Comment."

thwap said...

So they have their failing newspaper where these incompetents and freaks can strut and posture as if they're the cool kids, and then it goes to their heads.

Christ, I'd like nothing more than to be able to dismiss them and their moronic opinions totally.

Anonymous said...

Well your little venture in the NP seems to have as ended as predicted... How does it feel to be a "token"?

Dr.Dawg said...

I saw myself more as an irritant, actually.

sooey said...

The National Post was never a newspaper. It was a vehicle by which Conrad Black hoped to spread an ideology. For Izzy Asper it was a vehicle by which to sell soap. For Dumb and Dumber Asper it was a vehicle by which to sell Stephen Harper.

As a newspaper it was a failure, but as a political pamphlet, it was quite successful.