Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ryan Warawa don't give a fuck what you think, bitch.

Another day, another Conservative candidate embarrassment:

It looks like the Conservative campaign has another blog problem to deal with.

J-rad.ca has uncovered entries from the website of Vancouver East candidate Ryan Warawa in which the longtime Canadian Alliance and Conservative activist crudely disparages a variety of political figures and openly expresses his support for legalized marijuana and prostitution.

But wait ... there's more!

The homepage of The Warawa Report (warawa.blogspot.com), which is still listed with Conservative blog group Blogging Tories, currently displays a message stating that the site “is open to invited readers only”.

This would be the Lisa Raitt strategy, taken to a whole new level. And, oh yeah:

In a musing entitled “Keith Martin: Basi Boys’ Bitch”, Warawa, former president of the BC Conservative Party and son of Langley MP Mark Warawa, expresses his anger over the former Canadian Alliance MP’s decision to run for the Liberals in the 2004 election.

And if don't like Warawa's attitude, well, you can just blow him. Bitch.

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Mike said...

Well, he's pretty sensible on the legalization of pot and prostitution, but I can pretty much guess the idea that the likes of me agrees with him on that is what is embarrassing the BT and others.

Typical - run an hide instead of defending his stances.