Saturday, July 26, 2008

Yeah, SUZANNE, let's talk about "illiteracy," shall we?

Just because I'm feeling bitchy today, that's why.

BY THE WAY, you really are an unspeakably horrible and classless cunt, SUZANNE. We're having an animated debate about polling and methodologies, and you still can't resist dumping a graphic abortion picture into the middle of that post, as if it's somehow relevant in a discussion of error margins and phone calls.

Pictures like that are better than porn to you, aren't they, SUZANNE? Is that how you get off? Photos of fetuses? After staring at pics like that, do you need to lean back and light up a cigarette or something? That's really fucking sick, Suzie. I'd get help if I were you. 'Cuz that just ain't normal.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure that SUZANNE masturbates to that kind of picture.

She's that sick, stupid and dishonest.

The complete "poll" has been exposed for a sham yet she continues to believe. She's sick in the head and I don't even think that a tire iron of reality across the head could cure her illness.

She's the perfect conservadroid.

JJ said...

SUZANNE is first and foremost a propagandist. Like all good little propagandists she sticks to her story unwaveringly, even in the face of overwhelming evidence that she's wrong.

Her blog isn't intended to be a venue for discussion or debate, it's a place for disseminating anti-choice talking points, period. All she cares about is that her readers get the "Pro-life" message.

She's in a real lather that the Massive Poll was busted -- you can always tell how pissed off she is by the volume of fetus porn she's posting.

Gigi said...

Just be thankful they can't send that via autodialer.