Tuesday, March 04, 2008

It's because they lie. All the time. Part deux.

You're going to love this, I promise. Having only hours ago described Blogging Tory Kate McMillan as "Canada's most pathologically dishonest blogger," she ever so conveniently proves my point by being, well, pathologically dishonest.


The Misogynisphere

Right Wing News has a piece up on the abuse that is regularly levelled at female bloggers in the US.

For an insight into the phenomenon, check out the comments at Right Girl. (Language warning).

"Witch", "bitch", "c*nt". "You need to get laid."

Ooooooh ... strong and nasty language, indeed ... except for the fact that you will search in vain for a single one of those snippets anywhere in the comments section of that article being used as an insult against GotR. Go ahead, see for yourself.

"Witch?" Not there.

"Bitch?" Not there.

"You need to get laid?" Sort of there, but only as a theoretical accusation allegedly from one Kathy Shaidle, and having nothing whatsoever to do with any of the commenters.

And the dreaded "c" word? Not used by me or anyone else as an insult at that article, and only appearing because it's being quoted from somewhere else, almost entirely by GotR herself, including when she (falsely) accuses me of once having an entire blog post category by that name.

Like I said ... they simply lie. All the time. Relentlessly, over and over, again and again. It's what they do.

... Right-wing blogger Mike Brock also links to Kate's rampant dishonesty. I wonder if Mike even cares that Kate's lying. I'm guessing probably not. After all, he's a conservative. It kind of goes with the territory, doesn't it?

JUST CHECKING ... nope, Mike is still blissfully unconcerned that he's promoting an article of Kate's that's full of easily refuted lies. What a shame Mike isn't a Blogging Tory -- he'd feel right at home.


liberal supporter said...

They're cornered. And they know it.

Expect increasing levels of viciousness from them, as they clutch for anything, anything that gives them traction.

Robert McClelland said...

Hate McMillan and Rot Girl are a pair of lying bearded clams.

Somena Woman said...

Oh somebody grab the smelling salts... CC used the C word!

Heaven's to Betsy - The Incivility!!!!

Yep - that's what real strong and competent women do all the time, we collapse into a pity party when somebody calls us a nasty word.


Ti-Guy said...

It's sad...very, very sad that Mike Brock is now writing posts Richard Evans wrote years ago.

They are desperate; Brock is about as good as it gets with them.

KEvron said...

would she prefer "kkkunt"?


Paladiea said...

Oh and while Brock's at it, he should take Girl on the Right to task for being a racist hag... but I won't hold my breath, someone is saying cunt somewhere!

Sheena said...

It's because they lie. All the time.

Who? Women?

Gube said...

Oh, good grief. Go look at the previous post "It's because they lie. All the time."

"If you want to know why we on the Left have so little patience with residents of the right-wing Moron-o-sphere, it's because they lie. Incessantly."

sharonapple88 said...

But maybe it's not lying... maybe they're just really bad at reading.

The Phantom said...

"Hate McMillan and Rot Girl are a pair of lying bearded clams."

Case closed! Thanks Rube.

Jeff said...

the phantom.... proof that you don't have to have one to be one.

Robert McClelland said...

maybe they're just really bad at reading.

Yes, they really are bad at breeding. Even though they know the dangers of impregnating their sisters they still do it anyways.

Ti-Guy said...

What's happening lately, anyway? All these dessicated, clapped-out righty cretins (like Phantom) seem to have come back to life and are swarming again for some reason.

Robert McClelland said...

Don't know Ti-Guy. Worldwide ritilan shortage maybe.

sharonapple88 said...

I think it's the Cadscam. They have to take it out on someone.

Richard said...

CC has a little penis!



Robert McClelland said...

What's the matter, Ricky, not getting enough action at NAMBLA?

liberal supporter said...

Probably the Interpol task forces who watch pedophiles are planning to charge Ricky with obstructing justice. I suspect he's caused them to waste a lot of resources tracing all the people visiting pedophile sites due to Ricky's redirect.

It would be reasonable for Interpol to assume he is in cahoots with the pedophile sites to produce this level of noise and thus help their members to stay hidden.

Why doesn't he put on redirects to terrorists sites? He claims we support terrorists, right?

But of course the terrorists might not like the unwanted attention, and since they supposedly read all our media, I'm sure they would figure out who is causing it.

Brave brave Richard.

E in MD said...

CC has a little penis!



By Blogger Richard, at 9:59 PM

I bet all the other kids in the first grade are really impressed.

CC said...

Um ... is anyone else creeped out when someone with a public NAMBLA fetish starts talking about "little penises?"

If I were Richard's wife, I'd definitely be keeping a close eye on little Tyler. If you catch my drift.