Saturday, December 22, 2007

Dear MaryT: Fuck off. Seriously.

I was going to let this go. Quite bluntly, you’re so not worth my time. But I find I’m just not that big a person ...

Last Sunday, Raphael Alexander posted this breathless endorsement of Sandy’s wankathon known as the “Blogging for Bias” challenge:

Conservative, but non-partisan blogger Sandy Crux, has issued a challenge to expose bias which is openly positive liberal, or anti-conservative in tone. I believe I am up to the task. The Bali conference in Indonesia, for instance, is rife with such examples as shown in an article in the Montreal Gazette, surprising since it is a subsidiary of CanWest News which also encompasses more right-leaning media bias like the National Post. At any rate, the following is my fisking of the bias I noted.

With all the subtlety of a bulldozer, Mr. Unambig took great pains to point out that Sandy was “Conservative but non-partisan” - like anyone was buying that. So, just for shits and giggles, I left the following comment:

Conservative, but non-partisan blogger Sandy Crux, has issued a challenge to expose bias which is openly positive liberal, or anti-conservative in tone.

Which will no doubt be followed by Sandy's challenge to expose bias which is openly positive conservative or anti-liberal in tone. After all, she's non-partisan, right?

Nothing terribly exciting, right? Christ, I didn’t even swear. Sandy left her standard half-assed reply about how she’s exposed anti-liberal bias, too! She totally has!!! And then that bitch MaryT showed up.

First, an offhand compliment to Lulu for not using her usual extremely foul language in a post.
Great frisk. I mentioned somewhere that Russia was really a culprit in this agreement.
The only time Canada was silent, in my opinion, was when Baird refused to meet with a bunch of young so called environmentalists from Canada. More power to him for that.
I can see lots of cbc reporters busy writing questions for dion and others when the House resumes next month. Watch for them.

First of all, you stupid cunt, I already have a mother whose opinion I greatly respect. You ... not so much. Second, if I’m looking for praise or recognition, you can bet it won’t be from a ranting, homophobic, drooling fucktard like yourself. So take your pathetic little congratulatory offhand compliment and shove it up your ass wherein I'm sure your head is so deeply buried, you can probably kiss your own colon.

And by the way, the term you're looking for is “fisk” not “frisk”. I realize that the Intert00bz can be a big scary place to someone as dangerously stupid as yourself but you really should try and learn the language.


Ti-Guy said...

I just can't bear to listen to fucking dumbass "conservatives" go on about bias with regard to information dissemination and the construction of narratives to describe the real world.

You do not bother listening to complaints about bias from people who, as a whole, are rarely ever bothered to make corrections on their own blogs and who regularly assert things they have no way of knowing.

Raphael Alexander said...

I think James already addressed this very well last week: Question everything

KEvron said...

i think eric alterman addressed the larger issue long before last week....


KEvron said...

d'oh! forgot to include the link.