Friday, June 29, 2007

Because calling someone a "leftard moonbat" is so last week, ya know?

Blogging Tory "Girl on the Right" brings the civility with respect to the Native Day of Action:

As opposed to the other 364 days

When the Natives do absolutely nothing except smoke, drink and fuck their daughters.

In other news, stay tuned since you just know I'm eventually going to snap and call someone a "dumb cunt" again, which just proves how we leftists are a bunch of hateful, hateful people.

Or something like that.

CORRECTION: It has been pointed out that GotR is no longer a member of the Blogging Tories, and hasn't been for a couple of months, and we apologize for the error.


chris said...

I don't know which is more revolting, the post or the comments.
"I'll hate who I want"-Kathy Shaidle
Yay, free speech.

¢rÄbG®äŠŠ said...

Big mistake. She should have said "When the Natives do absolutely nothing except smoke, drink and have sexual relations with their daughters."

Then she could have claimed the usual moral high ground. Stupid cunt.

JJ said...

"...I'm eventually going to snap and call someone a "dumb cunt" again" I'll see your "dumb cunt" and raise you a "braindead twat".

The Seer said...

I have the same thing to say to her that I have to say to the wingnuts who so stridently support the war: Why don't you volunteer?

Ti-Guy said...

I'll hate who I want"-Kathy Shaidle

Kathy "Sinéad O'Connor" Shaidle: I do not want what I cannot hate.

Good God, the raging mediocrities on the Right really make you long for the pre-Internet days, when you wouldn't even be aware that these talent-free crapsacks existed.

thwap said...

I first saw that hateful, racist puke on "My Blahg."

I thought, ... they can spew filth like that about First Nations, but if you even question Israel's carpet-bombing of Lebanese civilians, you're an fascist anti-Semite.

It's frightening to have to live in a world with such insane disconnects between one concept and another.

Ti-Guy said...

It's frightening that they've got such an easy way to find each other...I see no difference between these fascists and the Muslim extremists who find each other over the Internet, and I don't know why intelligence and police services aren't rounding up these people for interrogation.

...the conspiracy theorist in me thinks the both those agencies are actually encouraging this.

Anonymous said...

A quick perusal of the most recent comments at the post reveals that Rrright Girrl thing was kicked off the blogging Tories 2 months ago... I seem to recall however that she was a STAR poster at Ezra Levant's Western Standard Shotgun... KMG once quoted her as being a "Force beyond hyperbole" for her incessant and bloodthirsty warmongering on the Shotgun.

She appears to be claiming to be posting from america... and yet she refers to Aboriginals as first nations in her comments... No Americans do this...Hmmmm - I doubt very much she is actually an American.
Anyhoo... Is she still a mod-poster for the Western Standard?

Did this little commentary about Aboriginals get double-posted, both at her blog and at the Shotgun?

Does Ezra know that this is what his Star blogger is posting?

Does he know that on her offtime she is posting this sort of stuff and that by having her post on his blog he is inadvertantly promoting this?

I wonder what his dear friend Warren Kinsella would think? I wonder what Warren's adopted aboriginal daughter would think?
I wonder what Warren's bosses who pay him to negotiate Treaties with Aboriginals would think?

Boy -- there's so much to wonder about with all the things and peoples associated with RRIGHT GIRRL and her witty repartee about "daughter fucking" and Aboriginals and all the people she is connected to in the blog world.

It's so much to wonder about really.

ajsuhail said...


I take credit for getting Right Girl kicked out of Blogging Tories.I badgered Stephen Taylor with numerous emails and examples of her racist hate filled screeds till he was convinced that he needed to remove her.The process took about 3 months but she is now out of there.Unfortunately, he is quite tolerant of Shaidle's antics but it is a question of time before she trips up.

mikmik said...

Especially ironic seeing how the stereotype of a redneck is one who smokes, drinks, fights, and fucks his daughters and sisters.

Ti-Guy said...

Stephen Taylor's an idiot. He thinks these rednecks, sitting at their computers, challenging the *liberal* narrative is actually going to do anything. It isn't. It's becoming more and more self-defeating for the Conservatives. No one but no one cares what these talent-free rageaholics have to say about practically any problem because they have no solutions and they're uncomparably lazy. They're the whiners and complainers and shitty little miseriies who, whenever they're asked to actually do something about what's bugging them, start whining about futility.

I grew up with people like this and I manage people like this (and boy, do they need management). They are the most unproductive people on Earth. Much like Conservatives as a whole, they're just huge wastes of time.

Anonymous said...

C'mon mikmik, now be fair. What you're saying is not wholly accurate. Rednecks only fuck their daughters and sisters when their sheep are out at pasture.

¢rÄbG®äŠŠ said...

ti-guy: "They're the whiners and complainers"

I think they're bothered by the fact that they're being forced to marry same-sex partners and wear burkas and hijabs all the goddamned time. They're just tired of it.

Ti-Guy said...

It really is low intelligence and moral corruption. These peoples' solutions to problems that largely don't affect them is for other people to...just stop doing that! Stop being poor! Stop having dysfunctional childhoods! Stop being depressed! Get a job, you bum!

Brilliant! Why didn't we corrupt liberals and lefties think of that?

What baffles me is their interest in things that don't affect them and that they're not prepared or capable of changing. Don't these people have their porn, their cocktails, their golfing, their tacky vocations (such as air-brushing and failed writing) or their families and all their fucking family values to keep them occupied?

¢rÄbG®äŠŠ said...

Well, yes, they do, but their primary interest is in policing the rest of us.

Wow, Rightgirl was too hateful for the Blogging Tories? She must have won some kind of prize for that.

Ti-Guy said...

When I think of it, the three harridans of the Apocalypse don't have children (as far as I know), do they? I get the impression they hate children.

Family values, my ass.

Anonymous said...

When did Ti-Guy get to be so earnest? Booooring.

¢rÄbG®äŠŠ said...

t-guy: "the three harridans of the Apocalypse don't have children"

At the risk of sounding unkind, I'd go a step further and guess that they don't have men. Maybe I should make a safer statement: They don't have happy men.

Ti-Guy said...

Maybe I should make a safer statement: They don't have happy men.

It would be irresponsible not to speculate.

Anonymous said...

Hi. I'm new to commenting here, after "lurking" for the past few months. Here's my comment: Get a load of the Comments attached to GotR's racist post. One guy reminds her of Canadian hate laws, which she should pay attention to, and then a whole lot of idiots pile on him (or her, I guess) with racist comments about "the truth" being hard for some people to handle. Myself, I've e-mailed an aboriginal organization to let them know about this hate speech.

Anonymous said...

I've sent a letter to my local paper, along with the text of RGs racist rant. Hopefully we'll get some action here.

Somena Woman said...

Funny - on the one hand they claim they think there is something terribly wicked about hate speech laws, then in the next turn of mind they are chomping at the bit "bring 'em on" Chimpy McBulge Crotch for all the publicty they would get for being prosecuted for their profane vile writings about Aboriginals etc... and then they turn around again, forgetting both and wonder aloud if people who are wondering aloud about their crossing the line or gleeful at the thought of them getting crushed by a HRT on this matter were also keen to see the vile David Ahnekew crushed when he made his Hitler comment about Jews...

You's really hard to keept track of just what the hell these women *want* out of all this.

As some have pondered aloud... perhaps there's good reason they are without children and without partners -- and yet pursue internet careers that they find satisfying.... On the internet one doesn't ever have to say you're sorry, calm down, be gentle, be nice, loving, or even kind. These three harpies prove that our culture craves fucktwitage writ large.

In the end, that's all these three are, and what they produce for their idiotocracy fanbase.

3/4s of their posts can be summed up as Shorter Kate, Kathy and Wendy

"Wheee it's fun to bash minorties, immigrants and people who look and talk and act different from you and me and we... Look at me...Look at me... Look at me! I'm a bitch and I'm so brave pretending that I am flaunting the rules of political correctness when in actual fact, I'm just being a bigot and using my flaunting of political correctness as cover so I won't get caught!"

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Meaghan, for your rant. Loved it.

Somena Woman said...

Did you use Kathy Shaidle's

"Newsflash Muslims are stupid retards"


"Party at my place when Quebec finally bails. I've been hearing about this ever since I was a kid, and I'm sick of it. If it finally happens, we won't have to worry about the dirty french cluttering up the place anymore" --

re: Kathy's notable quotables?

I've got screencaps somewhere. These were said a long time ago...Like in 2005-2006

I would think "Stupid retards" re muslims and "dirty french" would qualify as collectivst bigotry towards an identifiable group which Stephen Taylor would not want associated with his Blogging Tory group. But then again, it seems that it takes quite a lot of shite that Mr.Taylor is willing to allow stinking the joint up before he is willing to thin the blogging tory herd.

I suspect that he weighs the pros and cons heavily and it's only when somebody looks like they are going to really really really do some major major damage to "the cause" by saying something really awful in a way that is very public and is connected to "the blogging tories" brand, that he's willing to cut one of his 'superstars' free.

congrats on making him let go of "the force beyond hyperbole" though. That's amazing.He'll never let go of Shaidle or KKKate. He'd lose too much trafic.

Anonymous said...

"...and I don't know why intelligence and police services aren't rounding up these people for interrogation."

My, my, Tiggy, what a right-wing thing to say! Perhaps you're a wingnut plant? Deep cover, just the way you like it.

ajsuhail said...


I beleieve Shaidle said Arabs(not Muslims) are violent retards.Though that is just as bad.Could you link to those screen shots by the way?

Ti-Guy said...

My, my, Tiggy, what a right-wing thing to say! Perhaps you're a wingnut plant? Deep cover, just the way you like it.

Hardly. But I do support intelligence and investigation as legal means to protect all of us from the extremists...and not just of the brown variety.