Monday, April 30, 2007

And when I call you a "stupid cunt," that just means I like you.

It's purely awe-inspiring to watch the bad craziness down south, as members of the Bush crime family simply redefine words out of existence. The latest perp is the increasingly incompetent, irrelevant and sidelined Condi Rice, who takes an axe handle to the English language thusly:


Defined by most as “likely to occur at any moment; impending.” Condoleezza Rice’s definition: An “imminent threat” is not “if somebody is going to strike tomorrow,” but rather, “it’s whether you believe you’re in a stronger position today to deal with the threat, or whether you’re going to be in a stronger position tomorrow.” FireDogLake and Raw Story have more.

UPDATE: She repeated the line on CNN:

RICE: The question with imminence is, are you in a situation whether you’re better to act now, or are you going to be in a worse situation later? That’s the question that you have to ask in policy.

This is, of course, Act III in this long-running charade. In Act I, as you might recall, the situation with Iraq was "imminent" or "urgent" or "immediate" or something to that effect.

Then, when it turned out that there was nothing particularly "imminent" about Saddam after all, well, it was all down the memory hole:

John Bolton: Bush never said Saddam was 'imminent threat'

"[Saddam Hussein] and his regime were the threat to international peace and security. The president never made the argument that he constituted an imminent threat," Bolton said.

But now that it's screamingly obvious that the Bushistas most certainly did use that word, it has become necessary to simply assign it a totally new meaning:

"... it’s whether you believe you’re in a stronger position today to deal with the threat, or whether you’re going to be in a stronger position tomorrow."

No, Condi, you ignorant slut -- that's not "imminent." It might be "opportune" or "timely" or something like that, but it most emphatically does not constitute imminent.

I'd write more but I need to go out and put a bullet in Condi Rice's head. And by "put a bullet in Condi Rice's head," I naturally mean I'm going to have some cereal for breakfast.

But you knew that, right?


Ti-Guy said...

Condiliar will just fade away. Like Abu Gonzales, her greatest talent is that she's very indifferent to her own ability to be shameless and dishonest.

She not particularly "cunty;" in the Bush administration, it's overwhelmingly the men who are cunts. Same with conservatives everywhere, these days.

Niles said...

Reducing even a seriously unlikable woman to an embodiment of a sexual organ just has such different and nastier baggage in modern English than the male equivalent.

Not to mention, her loyal enabling of the Bush administration's power grab should not be associated with her primary lady part for motivation. Women like Ms Rice prove that men and women are gender neutral when it comes to "throw others under the bus" ambition. A perverse argument for feminism's stand on equality as it were.

Ti-Guy said...

I think women like Condi Rice (and Margaret Thatcher) are a testament to the very urgency of feminism; Rice and Thatcher fail like men when they wield power like men.

And the failure, in Condi's case, is the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people and the misery of millions for another generation.