Thursday, September 01, 2022

Saying the quiet part out loud.

When it comes to overt racism, most Canadians have figured out how to use their "inside voice" and be at least a little subtle. And then there's Sheila Gunn Reid:

Give Sheila credit -- she has the courage of her convictions.


Anonymous said...

Sheila and Drea are using a strategy that was and remains popular among Holocaust Deniers.
a) They will correctly ebunk one specific element of a complex narrative. For example, the Nazis did NOT make soap out of human fat at Auschwitz.
b) Because that element of the popular narrative is incorrect, then the entire narrative is untrue, or at least open to serious doubt.

In the case of these Residential School grave discoveries, the "debunking" is over an insignificant but inaccurate choice of terminology. When the story first broke big (although it was well known in the communities for decades), some media outlets used the term "mass graves", which evoked Baba Yar and bodies dumped in open pits. No-one has ever actually alleged that happened in the Residential Schools, as far as I know; but the term WAS incorrectly used.

The Rebel and the usual bigots have jumped on that term as a way to dismiss the larger, more horrific realities, which they simply ignore in their glee at being able to dispute the existence of 'mass graves'.

The issue is that thousands were taken, many by force, against their will and the will of their families and communities; that they were systematically stripped of their language, culture, and sense of self; that they died at much higher rate than would ever have been tolerate in a "white" residential school; that many were subject to terrible sexual and emotional abuse; that many were buried in unmarked graves, and their parents never informed of their location or, in some cases, of their death.

But yeah, they were "unmarked" graves, not "mass" graves. Let's focus on that, because that's what's REALLY important.

Incidentally, Drea "Hungry for Truth" now says she has Indigenous ancestry. I'd love to know what community or First Nation she claims affiliation with.

Anonymous said...

People pay money to subscribe for "premium" Rebel content?

Anonymous said...

And hopefully the justice system will hand her a few convictions to go with her courage.

Anonymous said...

She would claim "pre-Indigenous" as her group, the white people who came 12000 years ago. They were nearly wiped out by the far east hordes that kept going east across the bering and on