Tuesday, February 08, 2022


How is it even physically possible for a human being to be this fucking stupid?

If Lorrie Goldstein were any more intellectually crippled, he'd be Andrew Coyne.


thwap said...

I will always respect Coyne for having stood up to harper in defense of the rights of Parliament, even though I think his economic views are noxious.

But Lorrie Goldstein is useless. He's always been and he always will be.

Anonymous said...

Goldstein must be going senile. He's apparently forgotten that the Sun style guide defines left as Liberal and far-left as NDP. The Cons are, of course, a moderate centrist party, with the PPC on the centre-right.

Ramirezplayer said...

Right now Dunning and Kruger are pointing at Goldstein and saying "yes! That is exactly what we are talking about!"

Anonymous said...

I tried to follow Lorrie Goldstein's logic.

Thanks, my head now hurts.

His utterances makes no sense no matter how much pretzel logic one uses.

Purple library guy said...

There's a far left. We're just very small, because for some reason there aren't any billionaires interested in funding us. Just a weird co-incidence I'm sure. And I suppose anyone not funded by billionaires doesn't exist to Lorrie Goldstein, so it's a natural thing for him to say.