Tuesday, January 23, 2018


Apparently, my bud Dr. (@caneshaker) Dawg has just been locked out of Twitter for 12 hours until he deletes a tweet that Twitter characterizes as "hateful conduct" ... that would be this:

Apparently, being a Senator has its perks.


double nickel said...

Twitter is a mess. Nazis abound, but twatwaffle is verbotten.

Unknown said...

what the flying fuck is #twatwaffle anyway?

Anonymous said...

‪Twitter is a social forum I have greatly enjoyed it for 8yrs. In recent years it has become a billboard for corp advertising (tolerable). Most recently Twitter seems to have warped into a place where alternative-fact is afforded more credibility than fact relative to political leaning. Hoping that is not the case and hoping for a new social forum for and by progressives soon where light can be shone into darkness safely. ‬

Dr.Dawg said...

There was this second one:

Tweet 2 of 2
Old Grump@Caneshaker
A #twatwaffle. https://t.co/q0yjvLF142
6:19 PM - 19 Jan 2018

This was deemed "hateful." Nazis continue to retain their accounts.

Maybe a little alt-rightitude in the algoristhm?

Anonymous said...

I understand you are a programmer extraordinaire. How plausible is it to believe you are capable of creating a social forum for progressives where issues of serious concern to Cdns can be discussed without threat of unwelcome surveillance or expulsion? @albertarabbit

A Grumpy Hobbit said...

I think what we are witnessing here might be explained by twitter bots that are designed to flood the twitter reporting system. I am not saying that this is what happened to Dawg and CC, but it is a possibility.

Though I am more willing to believe this is the powerful get special privileges and perks.