Sunday, January 31, 2016

(Inaugural) CC HQ #DumbCuntOfTheWeek award.

It means exactly what it says -- someone, male or female, who distinguished themselves in the preceding seven days with an absolutely jaw-dropping display of unfettered dumbcuntitude. And, Lordy Lordy Lordy, what a bucket of candidates we had this week.

First, there was interim CPC leader Rona Ambrose, being shocked -- SHOCKED!! -- by the historical lack of human rights in Saudi Arabia. To confess that you're unfamiliar with Saudi Arabia's violence against its own citizens requires a thigh-sucking cluelessness that is off the charts. But, no, it's not Rona.

Then there was CPC MP Candice Bergen, apparently utterly unfamiliar with the concept of irony, whining about the Liberal Government sidelining scientists in the pipeline review process. The idea of someone from the Paleolithic era of the Stephen Harper government whining about someone else giving scientists the cold shoulder is enough to make one's head explode. But, no, it's not Bergen, either.

Right up until an hour ago, it was going to be one Paul Bronfman, who thinks that his money gives him the right to decide who gets free speech and who doesn't. Bronfman's attitude towards higher education seem to be, "Nice campus you got there ... be a shame if I fucked you over for doing something I don't like." Extortion, thy name is Paul Bronfman, for whom I was just about to start engraving the first award.

Then along came Ezra.

Oh, dear God. Ezra.

Because here's Ezra, whining about how a couple of his pathologically dishonest and creepy hacks got their asses kicked out of a press conference. This is Ezra, whose media outlet relentlessly describes Rachel Notley's NDP government with appallingly eliminationist rhetoric such as "kill", "destroy" and "attack"; for whom everything he disagrees with is a vicious "assault"; for whom everyone else are "hired thugs" and "mercenaries"; for whom the only way to describe Rachel Notley is that she "hates" Alberta. And Ezra wonders why sane people don't want to be in the same room as the obsessively venom-spewing perpetual liar Sheila Gunn Reid and dippy airhead Holly Nicholas?

It's actually anti-climactic to hand this inaugural award to Ezra; it was all set to go to Bronfman but, at the last minute, Ezra simply blew by everyone. Any other outcome would have been dishonest. 

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