Monday, May 10, 2010

Where did all those raving, lunatic, whackjob Christians come from?


AH, THE UNINTENTIONAL HILARITY: Blogging Tory "Diogenes Borealis" is, like, totally put off:

Marci McDonald's report in Friday's Toronto Star entitled How Canada's Christian right was built is such an appalling piece of journalism that I think it should be included in every Grade 9 English curriculum as an example of bad writing, ...

That would be a Blogging Tory, presuming to lecture the rest of us on the topic of appallingly bad writing.



Southern Quebec said...

Puhleese...Hunter has set the bar VERY high for conservative bad writing. She is the Queen of the Run-On Sentence and a legend when it comes to non sequiturs! Diogenes OBVIOUSLY has never read Hunter!

CC said...

Ironically, I was just about to try to address this. But, really, it's unaddressable.

CC said...

By the way, it becomes clearer with each passing day why Hunter's MP personally asked her to stop blogging.

liberal supporter said...

I responded to Huxster, but I doubt she'll let me through moderation:

============= hunter May 10
The Albertiban are a separatist group in Alberta. You have expressed separatist views, therefore you are one of them. Some Albertibans have threatened violence. Therefore you should be rounded up and sent to BC to be tortured.

No problem, right? Torture is good, according to you, right? We shouldn't interfere in the BC torturers, right?

Strange how you always accuse "lefties" of thinking honour killing is ok, because you claim they believe it is somehow part of someone's culture. Of course that is not true. Yet you would have us believe torture is ok, because it is a part of the Afghan culture. The hypocrisy of the Albertiban knows no bounds.

When the war criminals Harper and MacKay are shipped off to The Hague, they will not be tortured, because Canadians are civilized, unlike the murderous Albertiban.

Antonia Z said...

Astonishing how many brilliant (snerk) journalism critics are criticizing a great journalist based on an edited excerpt from a 400+ page book, no?