Saturday, May 15, 2010


It's nice to be a dude in Stephen Harper's Canada:

PM won't punish Shory over fraud investigation
Calgary MP among 300 people named in BMO's civil lawsuit over mortgage fraud

Prime Minister Stephen Harper says he won't take any action against one of his Calgary MPs who has been named in a Bank of Montreal civil lawsuit over what the bank alleges was a massive mortgage fraud.

Devinder Shory, the Conservative MP for Calgary Northeast and a lawyer, is among the 300 people, including Alberta lawyers, mortgage brokers and four BMO employees, named in the suit.

To recap then, Helena Guergis -- accused of still-unspecified allegations -- was stripped of her Cabinet position, turfed from the Conservative caucus and handed over to the RCMP for investigation.

Devinder Shory, on the other hand, who is actually named in a massive mortgage fraud investigation, gets a free pass and life goes on.

I await Canada's Blogging Tories to finally logically conclude that the Stephen Harper Party of Canada hates women. That is the logical conclusion to draw here, no?

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Psysidy Braphy said...

I think it's not only due to Harper's general feelings of contempt for women. I think it's more that in Harper's twisted mind, the punishment must fit the crime. From his ethical perspective, any exploit involving drugs and hookers is completely intolerable. Fraud? Meh. Who cares? Harper himself is a fraud, so it can't be THAT bad...