Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Here, let me explain it to you.

Welcome in Canada. Not welcome in Canada. Identifying the difference is left as an exercise for the reader.


Frank Frink said...

Can we outsource Jason Kenney and Alykhan Velshi? And how soon?

Niles said...

I admit, that's the angle that keeps poking me in the eye. They've outsourced visas to Canada to employees in another country. Who would need visas to come to Canada. Seriously?

I know how well outsourcing like that works for my IT department. I don't fault the outsource workers, they like eating and shelter too, but rewarded for 'problems' that slow down their productivity they are not. Hence, problems go 'away'.

CK said...

I'd like to outsource the entire harpercon clan

liberal supporter said...

Speaking of "not welcome in Canada", we see hunter gushing over freedom of speech, while censoring comments on the same post. Will my comment get through?
=================== hunter May 4
This is a good day for freedom of speech on the internet.
And it is an even better day for Hunter hypocrisy!


Watch for more hilarity when she finds out about how great a day for freedom of speech today
today really is.

Rev.Paperboy said...

Lib supporter, I wondered what that popcorn-popping sound I heard was - now I know it was blogging tory head a 'sploding by the dozens at the thought of Al-Jazeera converting their children to islamofascism! Quel horreur!

CK said...

Oh for some fun news. I think most of us can use it just about now.

Moon Rattled said...

I had no idea until today the government contracted out Visa application inspection to Mumbai. What the F?

Moon Rattled said...

The only thing I can think of as an outsourcing destination for the Harper Con-Artists is a landfill, but most jurisdictions are trying to cut down on garbage.