Monday, May 10, 2010

And here's where we juxtapose ...

Jan 5, 2010:

People don't care about Afghan detainee issue: Harper

OTTAWA–Prime Minister Stephen Harper says Canadians aren't really concerned about allegations that the government engaged in a cover-up over the abuse of Afghan detainees.

"I think polls have been pretty clear that that's not on the top of the radar of most Canadians," Harper said in an interview with CBC-TV correspondent Peter Mansbridge.

May 9, 2010:

Canadians believe Afghan detainees tortured -- and disapprove: poll

OTTAWA - A solid majority of Canadians believe prisoners detained by Canadian soldiers have been tortured after being transferred to Afghan authorities, a new Ipsos Reid poll suggests.

A fat majority also say that if torture occurred, it was not only wrong but that they believe there was widespread knowledge of it within the Canadian government -- and that senior officials should lose their jobs, if that was the case.

Pollster John Wright said Canadians are saying they "care deeply" about the possibility of detainees being tortured after Canadian soldiers have transferred them to Afghan custody.

"They're saying it's not proper, it should have stopped and, if it didn't, somebody should have done something about it," he said.

We'll check in with the Blogging Tories later, when they take a break from crowing about the Conservatives leading in the polls to tell us why polls aren't worth shit.

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