Friday, March 12, 2010

There's "Official" Jews ... and there's the other kind.

Always good for a chuckle, that Ezra:

Here's a story in today's National Post about Richard Warman's nuisance lawsuits against me -- part of the larger lawfare campaign waged against me by radical Muslim activists, their Canadian Human Rights Commission collaborators, and even some Official Jews like Bernie "Burny" Farber of the Canadian Jewish Congress:

The "Official" Ezra Levant stamp of "Official" Jewishness -- but only if you call in the next 15 minutes. Have your credit card handy.


Alison said...

Bernie "Burny" Farber

I read that as "Bunny"
Bunny Farber.
I likre it.

Ti-Guy said...

From the The National Post article LeRant references:

Mr. Levant also describes his policy for reader comments on his blog, in which he tends to "approve them all for publication, after a cursory scan for profanity."

Liar. He doesn't even "tend to."

Moon Rattled said...

Oh those pesky Muslims and their "issues" with human rights. Maybe we should put them all in internment campz with commandants and waterboards. Oh wait...

sooey said...

I'm curious - when the offensive lose to the offended, who gets the profits from the win?