Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Billy Can't Think Straight...

... when Jon comes over to play.

It never ceases to frighten me that the most rational and reasoned "news" person in today's America is a comedian making fun of the news. Olberman has his moments of top notch ranting but he's a little too much in love with the idea of himself as the reincarnation of Edward R. Murrow. And while I pretty much agree with Rachel Maddow on most issues, she's certainly not what I would call non-partisan. I would argue that the more left leaning news programs are much less bombastic and sensationalist than the Fox style maniacs with their screaming tabloid idiocy. But bias is bias, even when it is smartly presented. Here Jon Stewart, in the clips that Bill-o cut from his show, does what few personalities have done. He stated his case without raising his voice, he made pretty good sense and put Bill back on his heels. I think cyclonic is a bit of a silly term but he managed to make himself heard without falling into the stupid trap that O'Reilly lives by, the shouting match.

Clip from the clever kids over at Crooks & Liars

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