Sunday, March 14, 2010

Apparently, it's never their fault. Ever.

Stay classy, Connie:

So, it sounds like most people who actually knew him thought the shooter was a pretty normal guy. However, someone decided he was a "racist", and he was suspended from his job and his reputation was ruined.

Then they wonder why the guy snapped and started shooting people!

Well, all I can say is that I'm surprised that more victims of the "racist" witch hunt haven't done similar things.

Punishing people for their political beliefs is a lose-lose proposition. It does nothing to eliminate hate (it increases it), and, every once in awhile, the wrong guy is put in the position where he feels he has nothing left to lose.

I would like to think that people might learn something from this tragedy, but I don't really see it happening.

So a guy opened fire, killed one person and seriously wounded another one. I told you not to hassle him. You just had it coming.

P.S. Um, Connie? "Pretty normal guys" don't typically have this kind of history. But I'm sure it's still everyone else's fault.


sooey said...

You've got to love this line:

"I would like to think that people might learn something from this tragedy, but I don't really see it happening."

Rev.Paperboy said...

Co-workers say he didn't get along well with visible minorities, and some went as far as to describe him as a white supremacist.

They also tell CBC News that Burns had a swastika tattooed on his body and had a very hot temper.

But that doesn't mean he was a racist!! Lots of perfectly reasonable people have swastika tattoos! Obviously, he was the victim of a witch hunt, lost his temper and came back the next day to start shooting up the place, just like any normal person would have. It is all the fault of those darn liberals.

Cameron Campbell said...

Whatever happened to conservatives being all about personal reponsibility?

Moon Rattled said...

You never know who these "Connie"'s might be. For example, this typical US postmodern conservative.