Tuesday, March 02, 2010

And here's where we juxtapose -- Canadian wanker style.

In the heat of celebrating Canada's winning mens' Olympic hockey goal, NDP leader Jack Layton quietly moves a woman's arm out of the way so he can keep watching the festivities on a bar TV:

"OMFG, did you see what Jack Layton did? What a narcissist! What an unbelievable, preening, full of himself, ego-filled prick!! God, can you believe someone could be that horribly self-absorbed and desperate for attention?!?! Jesus freakin' Christ, how pompous and pretentious can one human being be?!?!?!?!1!!1!!11!!!"

On the other hand, Conservative cabinet minister Helena Guergis shows up late for a flight at Charlottetown airport, then proceeds to pitch a fit when told to remove her shoes, screaming at various people, insulting workers who are only trying to do their jobs, then describing either the airport or Charlottetown as a "hell-hole":

"Meh, whatever. Slow news day, get over it. Nothing to see here, move along."

And that's why we here at CC HQ refer to Canada's Right as useless, irredeemable retards. I don't believe that requires any further explanation.

IN CASE YOU WERE WONDERING, this is what all the screeching panic is about:

If you missed it the first time, don't feel bad -- so did most people. The ones who are currently shitting themselves over it are the same ones locked away in their mom's basements, playing Van Halen records backwards and listening for references to Satan.

Yeah, those useless tools.


thwap said...

Well, I finally watched the video. From the way that they were all typing about it, I thought he ran up to a camera, pushing strangers out of the way, in a desperate attempt to get his face right in the lens and show what true patriot love he had for Canada.

So he moved his friend's arm down so that he could see the monitor.

I should have guessed that it would all be about nothing.

The Jurist said...

playing Van Halen records backwards and listening for references to Satan

Isn't that a full generation of nuttiness ago? I'd expect the current BTs to instead be poring over Dixie Chicks songs in search of a hidden "Allahu Akbar".

PeBo said...

I can't decide which is more ridiculous... making a mountain out of this obvious molehill, or thinking that the entire country (or at least those of us who dealt with he and his wife as city councellors)doesn't already recognize that Jack is "a preening, full of himself, ego-filled prick"

Isn't that a pre-requisite to siting on the Hill?

Cameron Campbell said...

I posted at adrvarks (or whatever) something to the effect of "Imagine if he'd spent that whole tournament sitting with Gretzky".. it got through.. Not one of them got it.

Lindsay Stewart said...

speaking of gretzky, i wonder who his wife bet on.

Cameron Campbell said...

The comment I loved was "I bet layton sat there for hours waiting for someone to take his picture"..

1) Umm.. or mb he sat there for the length of the hockey game
2) Couldn't that be said of PMSH?

liberal supporter said...

Meanwhile, we see Jason Kenney continues to be a liar.