Monday, February 15, 2010

Photo op man strikes again.

Oh, look (emphasis thigh-suckingly added):

The Prime Minister, who is on a two-day trip to the island nation where bodies still lie under the rubble of last month's earthquake, arrived with a promise of $12-million to put a temporary roof over the federal government in Haiti...

Mr. Harper, who is the first leader from a major donor country to visit Haiti since the disaster, did not come with bags of cash. The money announced Monday is small. This country will need billions of dollars to restore even the impoverished life it knew before the ground shook and the buildings collapsed.

And it's not a new commitment. It is part of $555-million that the Canadian government set aside in 2006 for Haitian development.

Shorter Stephen Harper: "Yeah, yeah, earthquake, whatever. You'll get your money when I say you'll get it. Now take the fucking picture so I can get out of this dump. I've got hockey to watch and this many black people just creeps me out."

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