Thursday, February 25, 2010

It's nice to see the Christians still getting your tax money.

Oh, look ... sleazy religious evangelists raking in millions of your dollars:

MP gets behind Youth for Christ centre
Pat Martin supports project after council approves funding

Winnipeg Centre MP Pat Martin is now pledging to help the Christian organization he excoriated last week as a "fundamentalist group" build an $11.7-million youth centre in the coming months.On Wednesday, city council voted 10-4 to contribute $4.2 million toward the non-profit organization Youth for Christ's $11.7-million plan to build a 50,000-square-foot Youth Centre of Excellence on an empty lot at the northwest corner of Higgins Avenue and Main Street.

Devout, adult Christians and vulnerable, impressionable kids. What could possibly go wrong?

, lest anyone attempt to downplay the evangelism aspect in all of this, let me quote:

Our Mission

Youth for Christ, Canada exists to impact every young person in Canada with the person, work and teachings of Jesus Christ and discipling them into the Church.

Is there any part of that you find unclear or ambiguous?


900ft Jesus said...

why the hell did Pat Martin decide to throw his support behind this dollars for Jesus thing after making good points on not only the recruiting vulnerable kids bit, but the failure of the city to consider other applications for similar grants?

It is not a good trade-off that, as Martin now says, at least there will be a centre for youth. Not if it is little more than a cover for recruiting and indoctrinating kids to forward some god's plan for Canada, as the effing Y for C site says. And not if other groups are denied the opportunity to be seriously considered for grants.

What the fuck is Martin thinking?

double nickel said...

Martin doesn't think. Period.

dbc said...

This was one of those 'pony up or lose the federal cash' scenarios. It's a done deal now and one can only hope that Martin will at least keep an eye on how it is actually implemented.

What bothers me is that no one is questioning how this group got the federal funding in the first place.

Cameron Campbell said...

dbc, I think that is the only important question here...

How the hell did they get funding in the first place?

Marc said...


Anonymous said...

It will be make it easier to find the pedophiles...

Rev.Paperboy said...

I though 900ft Jesus summed it up fairly well with the Kids for Cthulu campaign idea.

Ti-Guy said...

Fuck you Jack Layton -- you and your fundagelical-fellating party!