Saturday, January 09, 2010

Oh, this should be good.

Blogging Tory "Hunter" almost has a good idea:

Your Assignment If You Choose To Accept It!

Sandy over at Just Politics has had a great idea (H/T Catherine), let's get together to do a Truth Video, maybe called "The Prorogation Myths".

Actually, I think that's a terrific idea. It would be just ducky if one of Stephen Taylor's loyal shills took the time to do, you know, research and figure out the facts and report on actual reality, as it were.

Sadly, though, the potential of posting something useful and informative lasted all of one sentence as Brenda continues:

So I am asking you to send me links to videos and radio broadcasts about proroguing Parliament both in favour or not, send me video links about the Afghanistan detainee affair and anything else you think has skewed the Conservative message on proroguing. Blatant bias by the media is good, newspaper quotes by MP's would be great.

Here's a hint, Brenda -- once you get into yapping on about being in favour or not, and encouraging people to go hunting for bias, you're no longer in the realm of objective reality, you're just spewing opinion. In other words, Brenda, before you even finished your first paragraph, you've clearly given up on what you proposed to do.

Unsurprisingly, the fun continues in the comments section as "Liberal Supporter" asks a simple question about the mechanics of editing and posting videos, and Brenda "Har har har!!" refuses to let him in on the tricks because, after all, videos are a Conservative trade secret, or something.

I'll go out on a limb and predict that what's eventually posted will be dishonest crap. Call it a hunch.


Ti-Guy said...

It would be just ducky if one of Stephen Taylor's loyal shills took the time to do, you know, research and figure out the facts and report on actual reality, as it were.

Why would they do that? As Hunter says, they want to do a video clip called "Prorogation Myths," which will feature the reasons Harper provided for suspending Parliament.

sooey said...

"reasons"? There was only one reason I heard from him - Canadians want to focus on the Olympics. According to Stephen Harper, he prorogued Parliament for our convenience, not his.

double nickel said...

I thought it was to "recalibrate" something or other. They can't keep their lies straight.

CC said...

No, DN, it's to prepare the new budget. Or, wait, was it to write the throne speech? It's so taxing to keep the lies straight.

Polyorchnid Octopunch said...

Dudes. Dudes. It makes perfect sense. Here are the myths about prorogation that we want you to swallow. Oooh, shiny!

liberal supporter said...

It certainly was surprising when she went on about her "big secret". It fits with her meme that she's a hot conservative and we're all supposedly obsessed with her irresistibleness. I think that PSA would be willing to talk a little shop divulge what software he uses for video editing, even if it was some presumed nazi was asking, or worse, Ti-Guy asking, or the worst, me asking.

It certainly is strange for a "free speecher" to be against wide dissemination of this kind of not secret or private information. I doubt the makers of whatever video software she uses would appreciate her stance which is anti-business from their point of view.

liberal supporter said...

Of course she still hasn't approved my last three comments in that thread (and one in the thread before where maryt pretends it is fine with her to stop churches' charitable status). So as a public service, here they are:

================= hunter 01-08 mod
Trolls don't get hands up,
Yes, just like so many dictatorships of the past, dehumanize those you hate, then you don't have to treat them as human beings.

when all they do is come to my house and shit all over it.
Must be getting to you though, now you can't even follow your own no swearing policy.

That's when I clean house. Go sleep it off LS, I might let you back into my house in the morning.
Just like you think telling me how to edit videos badly is doing me a favour, now you sniff that you might let me in your house. No problem, I can fly rings around you and your cronies any day of the week.


============== hunter January 08 mod (responding to Bec)
I wish I could send my laundry here there is so much spin. You think it's all about "they're taking too long off"?
It's not even because they prorogued in 2008 to avoid being defeated on the very next day it would be possible.
It's because they prorogued to avoid providing documents that could prove (or disprove) complicity in war crimes by the highest levels of our government.

That is why the grim determination and gritty resolve.
You cannot run.
You cannot hide.
You have gone too far and you will be thrown from office as soon as possible.

Don't insult us with your sneers about holidays. This is about war crimes.

But you know that's what it's really about don't you? That's why the spin machine is running at top speed right now.

============= hunter January 08 mod (tax cuts thread)
Lots of libs work at Rev Canada and have tenure.
Well maryt, that is why I ensure that I am untraceable on fascist blogs like this one. Your claim that Rev Can employees would violate their secrecy oaths is reprehensible, but expected from you. You are projecting what you yourself would do in such a position. So again you reveal your true colours, and show why you and your party are so dangerous to Canada and anyone who does not bow down before you.

As for tax prep companies, since you are in the business, I would expect such unethical conduct from you, since you are a proven liar who can't win arguments and instead advocate defunding all who might dissent to your fascist views.


============ hunter January 08 mod
Might even be some hezzie flags there.
Spin, mary spin!