Friday, January 01, 2010

The National Post are a tricky, tricky people.

I'm imagining a recent NP editorial meeting:

"OK, folks, we've been ordered to give Canada's most deranged, psychotic and scientifically illiterate yahoos and dingbats absolutely free rein of our opinions page. But we all know that that just wouldn't look right without a good excuse. So here's my plan."

"We find a well-known progressive blogger -- no, no, hear me out -- we find a well-known progressive blogger, and let him write some Full Comment pieces -- hang on, let me finish -- we let him write some Full Comment pieces, then we open up the comments section and let every drooling, mouth-breathing wingnut and whackjob have at him."

"It's perfect. We look like we're being fair and balanced, but he gets only a few hundred words to have his say, after which we let our regular trolls and howler monkeys screech on as much as they want. Whatever message that poor fucker wanted to get across is totally lost in the shrieking. And here's the best part -- we let the next Full Commenter mock him by name."

"Oh, and when he finally gets tired of the relentless character assassination and personal insults and walks away in disgust, we can write an Op-Ed about how progressives are cowards who can't handle discourse. Am I a fucking genius or what?"


Dave said...

I didn't know that McParland had quit drinking long enough to sort out a QWERTY keyboard.

Silly me!!!

Here I still thought he was a no-account, non-combatant, philandering drunk with the cognizance of an amoeba.

That's why I love it here. I learn so much shit in such a short time.

My best to you all. Have a truly Happy New Year! (Honest. That was a "snark off" comment.)

Cheers OM (and I suppose OW, although I don't think she'd appreciate the lengthened abbreviation, despite the actual emotional sentiment.) (So... luv ya LuLu!)

LuLu said...

And I you, Cap'n -- it's good to have you back ;-)

Ti-Guy said...

How brave of Stenographer McParland to regurgitate every Conservative elements in its rationale for prorogation.

Fellatio-tastic there, Kelly. Having all of your teeth removed really paid off.

deBeauxOs said...

Ugh. Those comments. Nothing like watching a bunch of authority-loving, goose-stepping ReformaTories licking each other all over in public.

But I guess National Post knows its public - I hesitate to say readership given the "reading" level on display - and encourages this display of ideological & mental derangement.

CC said...


I'm guessing that, in Kelly's circles, the phrase "Speaking truth to power" has a slightly different meaning.

DoctorCynic said...

Perhaps it's just a desperate attempt by the NP to save their hides before their creditors force them to shut down.