Thursday, January 14, 2010


Captain Canada Stephen Taylor provides the unintentional hilarity as he gives us a graphic demonstration of the quality of anti-Ignatieff protestors:

Is that adorable or what?


Southern Quebec said...

I am so embarrassed. Those pictures are taken in front of my Alma Mater -- Concordia. *sigh*

Stimpson said...

It's sooooo elitist to insist on proper spelling of words like carbon and label. Elitist, I say.

Noni Mausa said...

Is there some sort of genetic basis for lousy spelling among right-wingers and spammers?

Spam NEVER arrives properly punctuated and spelled. Have they got the 10,000 chimpanzees typing those ads, in between tries for "Macbeth?"

However, it is possible that only the badly spelled protest signs are photographed, accounting for how many of them I see.

Or perhaps proper spelling is just too authoritarian?


the rev. paperboy said...