Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Another useless Facebook milestone.

Progress marches on:

When asked whether this finally represented true democracy and grassroots political activism in action, official Conservative Party of Canada fluffer Stephen Taylor replied that he tried not to sully his beautiful mind with what the common people were up to, then asked to have his sherry glass refilled and another servant taken out and flogged.


liberal supporter said...

You mean flogged with shoes, no?

Anonymous said...

But that's different...

And I've heard that Tony Clement thinks I'm 'elites"...
funny from a guy who makes over $230 000/year doing nothing.

And what the fuck is he doing in Detroit.... Working the auto show or trying to cop a feel?

Anonymous said...

I see that dr roy, a complete idiot, and possible pervert*, is going around with the latest connie talking points.
He opines thusly:
despicable grit accuses HM Canadian soldiers of war crimes

John McCallum, the drunken grit who pretends to be a finance critic accusing HM Canadian soldiers of war crimes.

He bases his assumptions on
The W.C. puddle...Did McCallum step in it?

*I of course have no proof that dr roy is a pervert but you have to wonder why he likes to spend time at Marianapolis college and that falsetto voice of his... well it's just creepy. Since he has no qualms about calling John McCallum a drunk, I'm sure that dr roy will not object being called a pervert...

liberal supporter said...

posted at the alberta aardvark:
the defense of only following orders does not cut it.
That comes from the Nuremburg trials. It refers to committing what any person should realize is a war crime. Things like shooting civilians and operating gas chambers.

Being ordered to hand over prisoners, even if you have heard rumours they might be tortured, isn't that kind of order. Refusing such an order will result in court martial and the only defense would be proving the rumours were true. It is those who received the numerous reports about it and did nothing, those who received the reports and gave orders to stop the reports, who are the ones who may be complicit in war crimes.

I am expecting the Liberal spin machine to be out in full force in 5,4,3,2.....
Your spin machine seems to be already up to speed. But in screaming the Liberals hate the troops, does it not make it urgent to prove the troops did nothing wrong?

Therefore, if you want to stick to that meme, this is an urgent situation which requires extraordinary measures. So it would make sense that the PM will cancel the proroguement, continue the inquiry, and provide the uncensored documents that were repeatedly promised and never delivered.

If he doesn't, then we know it is all CPC spin and desperation to hide the truth about what MacKay and Harper knew, when the knew it, and what they did about it.

Nice try though.


Gayle said...

LS - he will probably delete your comment and then lie about what you said. That is what he does.

Your response was spot on though, and illustrates perfectly how it is Harper and his minions who are hiding behind the troops.

The only ones blaming the troops for following orders are the conservatives.

sooey said...

I doubt the Manning Institute, or wherever he lives, pays that well.

CK said...

Cherniak, You think 'Dr' Roy's shrilly voice is real or perhaps his undies are on too tight?? Yikes! He calls CJAD regularly and sometimes a cohost thinks he's a she.

Between hanging out Marianopolis College, calling in radio stations, blogging about 50 times a day (ok; his posts perhaps require only 2 seconds each; 3 if he has a sandwich in between), writing columns about how we must have private for profit health care and scrap medicare, chasing the likes of Steyn and Levant and getting his photo taken with Bush: Where does he find the time to practice medicine?

But then, I saw that his ratings as a doctor suck on rate my doctor. Perhaps everybody got the message and don't see him anymore.

All I know that Doctors who consistantly prove they're as dumb as posts and clearly only became doctors for the cash and no other reason, are a danger to society.

Where did he get his med degree anyhow? same place Orly Taitz got her law degree?

I hope most doctors aren't as dumb or as greedy or creepy as he is.