Monday, January 11, 2010

Another useless Facebook milestone.

You'd think this was something to be proud of:

Sadly, it turns out that all of these people are simply ignorant students or useless welfare bums being hoodwinked by their leftard corporate MSM masters and evil, undemocratic coalition leaders so they can be safely ignored.

I read that somewhere.

P.S. Stephen Taylor's earlier anti-coalition Facebook group was totally, totally different. You knew that, right?


Michael said...

Oh man, I damn near re-created Monty Python's man who died laughing from the hilarity of the world's deadliest joke when I read this in the comments thread under that link: "We need to take the issue and jam it down the throats of a bunch of bullies who for too long have gotten away with beating up on conservatives."

Awwww... all those poor, hard-done-by bullied conservatives. My only explanation is that DC Comics' Bizarro World has joined the internet.

Ti-Guy said...

Per Crux in the comments:

"Think on this: On January 25th the opposition are planning on a huge photo op and protest rallies on parliament hill. On January 26th, our PM is leaving for Switzerland for several days — having been invited by world leaders to share how he has steered Canada through the recession. All protest all the time to drown out his accomplishments. We have to make sure that doesn’t happen. Somehow."

Someone call the Minister of Public Safety. Cruxy needs to be watched.

sooey said...

We ain't even seen the recession yet. Good grief. What a bunch of maroons.