Saturday, October 03, 2009

A totally predictable development.

Shorter Blogging Tory and official Conservative Party of Canada spokesperson "Neo Conservative": "Black people suck."

Unsurprisingly, commenter "Rob C" seems utterly unconcerned that Mohamud is a native of Somalia and that all of her adventures happened in Kenya. Such trivialities are, of course, of no interest whatsoever to the people we're talking about here. Facts are such burdensome things.

, as paranoid schizophrenic and screeching howler monkey Weiner Pratfall also can't be bothered with such frivolities as, you know, what is:

Apparently, reality really is too much work for some people.


Ti-Guy said...

"Mahr Ahar?"

Ah harr harr harr!

...fuck. Have these people put down already.

CC said...

And, apparently, that whole "Mahr Ahar" fiasco started when "Ahar" "returned to his country of origin." Yeah, that's what happened. I'm sure of it.

Anonymous said...

Somalia, Kenya, what's the difference? They're all full of black and brown people anyway.

thwap said...

More evidence for why these right-wingers should be ignored by our political system.

They are contemptible, revolting, racist, moronic garbage and they must be allowed to gibber mindlessly and soil their own nests and be the subject of anthropological studies but that a politician should EVER listen seriously to anything they have to say would be self-evidently absurd.

Ti-Guy said...

More evidence for why these right-wingers should be ignored by our political system.

Fat chance, since the lazy media finds them endlessly fascinating.

M@ said...

reality really is too much work for some people.

You gotta admit, racism is much easier for these guys. They have a real gift for it.

Lindsay Stewart said...

ah werner petals haven't heard from that garbled idjit in a while. perhaps he should remain in his country of origin as well, next time he decides to visit the family. no reason the darker immigrants should suck up all of the opprobrium and disadvantage.

Wayne said...

This has nothing to do with racism, who cares what colour the people are.... only the left it seems.

Anyone who goes to another country should know they are "on their own".

Who in their right mind would travel to these shit holes, even Mexico is becoming over the top dangerous.

thwap said...

Fuck off wayne.

Wayne said...

Still quite eloquent with your "logical" arguments aren’t you thwap. Oh, yes I almost forgot, moonbat.

Metro said...

Wayne, you may be right about the racism. Surely the fact that most Conservative bloggers on this case go with the old "screw 'em" or "Canadians of convenience" tropes while fellating Harper for his "brave rescue of known crook Brenda Martin is pure coincidence?

I was actually thinking about trying to argue this logically with you. But the apalling cluelessness you display in your "anyone outside Canada should know they're screwed" comment just doesn't deserve a better reply than what thwap addressed to you.

Consider it seconded.

thwap said...


You butt-ugly moron. You don't rate the effort. Have you ever noticed that everything you type ends up with you getting mocked?

Of course not. You're too fucking clueless to realize that you're a living, walking, farting joke.

Wayne said...

And you thwap are a walking Che cliché/wannabe. I always picture you with a raspberry beret on your head, in a Che t-shirt.

M@ said...

As for me, Wayne, I always picture you drooling on your NASCAR shirt, watching Glenn Beck, and masturbating furiously.

Imagination isn't always a blessing.