Friday, October 02, 2009

The lack of awareness is sad, but entertaining.

Blogging Tory Brenda/"Hunter" once again launches into another diatribe before fully engaging the ol' intellectual clutch:

I have accused Islam of making women slaves, because a husband can starve his wife if she refuses his advances. Or the family can kill her if she goes out without a male relative. Can you imagine as a female in Canada, having those rules imposed upon you?

Um ... Brenda? You do know it's called the "Islamic Republic of Afghanistan," right? The one that tried to do the same thing? The country you and your BT circle-jerk buddies are so desperately happy to have Canadian soldiers die for?

You knew all that, right?

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thwap said...

Even more, the moron can't process that we've countenanced the president who signed that "wife rape law" stealing the last election there.

What does all that say about her supposed values?

What does that say about her blind support for "the mission" (tm)?

"Hunter" is one of the most frighteningly stupid bloggers I can think of.