Tuesday, September 15, 2009

There is no limit to the dumbth.

This time, it's Blogging Tory "The Iceman"s turn to be, well, dumb as a sack of sausages:

I watched Michael Ignatieff in Question Period today, and the part where he accused the Tories of working to form a coalition with socialists was way off the mark. The "Coalition deal" that was proposed last December was to usurp power from the freshly elected government.

Here's a suggestion for Blogging Tory co-founder and Captain Democracy Stephen Taylor. He should convince his precious Manning Centre for Canadian Wingnut Welfare to hold some free classes on, say, Canadian politics. Particularly, how elections work. And he can run his entire Blogging Tories membership through there in groups, to the point where they're not unbelievably fucking ignorant about the most basic features of this country's electoral process. After which, maybe -- just maybe, God willing -- we'd be able to have an actual discussion with these retarded cretins.

Well, maybe not with Hunter or Dodo. Those two are too stupid for words.

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