Tuesday, August 04, 2009


If I get endless entertainment watching criminally stupid people implode on TV, does that make me a bad person?

AFTERSNARK: Is there anyone in Stephen Taylor's Blogging Tories that is so loony, so deranged, so mentally incompetent or intellectually crippled, that they take that idiocy seriously? Oh, wait ...

This has been another installment of "Low hanging fruit -- the Blogging Tory edition."


Anonymous said...

Orly would fit right in to
Stever's idea of the Senate. Can someone get her on the phone to Ottawa?

Anonymous said...

Good one at Bouquets of Gray

Ti-Guy said...

If Canada were a "real" country, Dodo would be invited to share her views on the national media.

dupmar said...

I don’t know if you caught the latest installment, Ti-Guy, of the “Rules of Engagement”

“Karl Marx - god of the leftosphere - racist, scumbag and moocher”
“Leftists hold this racist scum in such high regard. They absolutely adore this scum ball to such an extent that one can imagine them on their knees every night, paying homage by reading (praying) from his books. The god(s) of the leftist scum were scum like themselves.”

Quite sad, and quite an embarrassment. I can’t recall anything comparable in the old days of the Progressive Conservative Party. Definitely material borrowed from the Republican Party.

You would think it would be enough to point out he was a utopian visionary whose dream failed, that the road to hell is paved with good intentions, etc. , that socialism was a temporary detour to strengthen or develop a national economy, but that China, Vietnam, Angola, even Cuba, are embarked on a path of capitalist development and that the likeliest outcome is some form of socially responsible capitalist market economy.

And then give a nod of recognition to some of Marx’s philosophical or literary work, his journalism for the New York Daily Tribune and similar publications. Some of his historical essays on 19th century Europe make entertaining reading.

You would definitely not want this type of material to go out in some Parliamentary mailing, what you call it, the ten percenter.

Ti-Guy said...

You aren't Dodo, are you Dupmar?

It's a problem that has reached pandemic proportions.: People throwing around terms and concepts without knowing the first thing about them.

But I don't blame people like Dodo. I blame the very top of the modern (neo)conservative intelligentsia. They created these monsters.