Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The re-education camps can't come soon enough for me.

Seriously, if you need any further proof that we need to cull the evil and the stupid from among us, you need only read some of the horrifying comments on some of the recent Star articles regarding Suaad Hagi Mohamud. On this recent article, here's one of my favourites in terms of seeing the true ugliness and bone-deep stupidity of Canada's conservative bigots:

This is typical Toronto Star "racists behind every tree" nonsense. There is absoloutely NO EVIDECNE of racism in this case or any other that I've ever heard of. This woman let her passport photo get out of date and was arrested by KENYAN, not Canadian, officials because they beleived that she was an imposter.

Not true:

Mohamud's case is a perfect example; her nightmare began when a functionary in the Canadian High Commission in Nairobi agreed with a Kenyan airport official and decided she wasn't the woman whose photograph appears in her passport. We were told, incredibly, that it had something to do with her lips. She was immediately declared an "imposter" and Kenyan authorities were asked to prosecute her.

Kenyan officials were only suspicious -- it was Canadian authorities who agreed, then handed Mohamud over for prosecution. That same appalling stupidity surfaces in another comment on that same page:

In any case, the FACT that Mr. Hume and many of the posters here are IGNORING is the fact that it wasn't Canadian officals who detained her. It was KEYNAN officials - who were probably as African as this woman is, not some "racist" Canadian government officials who determined that she was not who she said she was. I've seen several different photos of this woman and she looks entirely

How do you engage that kind of rancid ignorance? Seriously, what possibility of discourse is there?


Chet Scoville said...

It's what they'd like to be true; ergo, it is true.

Marky Mark said...

Maybe if people had to sign their real names to post online on a MSM site, they'd think twice before posting such drivel.

Dizzlski said...

My US passport is valid for 10 years. Do I need to submit a new photo every year? Maybe every time I have my picture taken I should send one in.

Renee said...

Somebody needs to disappear Sassy Lassie, she's about 50% of the problem right there.

What I love are the commentors who

a) Say that she (a Somali refugee) is not a real refugee since she was able to go "home" to Kenya to visit so it must not have been all that dangerous in the first place... (and anyway she should have known better than to visit Kenya...)

b) Say that the government must know something we don't - like, say, she must be a terrorist or something! (Trust us - our secret trials are always correct.)

c) Say that it's her fault for not getting an up-to-date passport, despite the fact that it's extremely difficult to get them to issue you a new one unless your old one is JUST ABOUT TO EXPIRE. Also, they can tell by looking at a third-hand copy of a fax of her photo that she isn't/is her.

A variant is that she shouldn't have been allowed to wear a headscarf. Because apparently her hair - such an unchanging, fixed part of all of us - is an essential part of identifying her.

Morans, all.

Kusotarre said...

You know the answer to your question, CC, you linked to it here a few weeks back.

There is no way to correct conservatives. Shown contradictory evidence, they simply believe the lie even more.

Of course, it would be boring to simply let their idiocy run wild, but it should be accepted that very few of them will ever change their minds.

thwap said...

Oh, those comments sections!

I'd put Ti-Guy in charge of tracking all those people down and putting them into re-education camps!

He seems like he'd have a zest for such work!


Ti-Guy said...

No...I want to be in charge of "re-educating" the editors and the publishers.

Abuabasabat said...


Re-education camps. Seriously.