Sunday, July 05, 2009

The stoopid is just awesome.

Over at Jojo's House of Dumbth, commenter and Sarah Palin groupie "Lee" is still desperately looking for the pony in that mound of horseshit:

Sure, that makes sense, because if you wanted to be in a stronger position to kill some energy legislation you didn't like, the obvious opening move would be to resign your governorship of an energy-rich state. Clearly, a power play of incomparable benefit.

Oh, and better yet, you'd resign in such an erratic and unexpected way that you'd freak out even your friends and closest supporters, leaving countless folks to wonder if you were seriously that mentally unhinged. (Answer: Yes.)

But what's truly puzzling about this is how someone who just resigned her governorship thinks that puts her in a stronger position to, oh, lobby the U.S. Senate. 'Cuz, as I see it, as soon as she's no longer governor of Alaska, it strikes me that Caribou Barbie would have absolutely no more power than, say, a plumber named Joe. As ex-governor (and holding no political office of any kind), why would Palin have any access whatsoever to government information related to energy bills?

Once the resignation kicks in, in what way is she not just Sarah, average citizen, with no more political power than the guy that changes your oil at the corner service station? As an average citizen, she would have no special privileges to walk into any government office and demand to see confidential information related to a national energy policy, and she sure as hell wouldn't have unfettered access to wander into the U.S. Senate and start chatting up actual Senators. Resigning means, quite simply, cleaning out your desk and turning in your key to the executive washroom, have a nice life, there's the door, let's do coffee sometime, m'kay?

And yet ... and yet ... "Lee" somehow thinks this is just a dynamite move, politically speaking, that will give Palin a stronger platform from which to influence legislation? Jesus Christ, but the batshit craziness over there is something, isn't it?

, the stoopid is contagious. Once the indictments start falling like rain, are we allowed to go back to these folks and ask them if they'd like to reconsider their position?

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