Tuesday, July 07, 2009

The douchebaggery of arguing in bad faith.

Over at "Liberal Arts and Minds," KNB exposes the Conservative weaselitude:

Do you ever read Letters to the Editor? I will often browse through them, particularly to see what the general public is feeling, especially if there are large issues of the day playing out in the media...

In other words, Kyle, someone who is on the payroll for the Conservative Party of Canada, is sending a letter to discredit a member of parliament and worse, he fails to tell us who he is.

Is this the end of the world? Of course not, but, it's indicative of how the party works and pushes it's talking points. You'll note in the letter that Kyle basically spews the party line on the issue.

Kyle [Simunovic] is entitled to his opinion, but we're entitled to know who he is and how the governing party is pushing it's message under false pretenses.

Read the whole thing, of course, but that's not what I find most amusing. No, what's amusing is commenter "wilson," immediately launching into a bad faith argument:

wilson said: ...

Freedom of speak [sic], even for Conservatives, is our right as Canadian citizens.

Ah, but wilson, my adorable little anal cyst, no one was denying Mr. Simunovic his right to free speech. No one at all. What people were miffed at was the lack of what we call "disclosure" -- the identification of a clear political conflict of interest, something the general readership has every right to know.

That disclosure was the obvious issue here means nothing to wilson, whose rancid dishonesty inspires him to turn this into a free speech issue when he knows damned well that's not what this is about -- it's what we here at CC HQ refer to as "going Twatsy." Such is the festering dishonesty of today's Cons -- something we're sadly all used to by now.

P.S. One might give wilson the benefit of the doubt and just accept that he's criminally stupid and truly doesn't understand the point being made. That would also be considered "going Twatsy (version 2.0)". It's kind of a catch-all diagnosis for truly stupid and useless people.

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