Saturday, July 11, 2009

BT dumbassery -- part deux.

Stephen Taylor's long-ago dream of a thoughtful, educated, Canadian conservative punditry runs even more horrifically off the rails, as one checks in on Blogging Tory "General Brock," who proceeds to do to logic and history what Peter Stormare once did to Steve Buscemi in "Fargo":

Our friend over at Blazing Cat Fur has dug up another gem of leftist stupidity. The left’s answer to all of the questions regarding the threat of Islamic fundamentalism? Nope, doesn’t exist. It’s just some made up problem, most likely by those vile Conservatives. But you really should watch out for those Christian fundamentalists. Some actually committed the terrorist act of sending out a pro-life pamphlets [sic] one time.

That’s right, tens of thousands have died in the past decade from Islamic fundamentalists attacks, and the left is saying watch out for those Christians because they got a pamphlet.

Yeah, those Christian fundies and their pamphlets. And their posters. And their high-powered rifles and stuff.

It's the pamphlets I'm worried about.

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Ti-Guy said...

My comment over at "General Brock's" is awaiting moderation. How considerate of him.

The clip from Michael Coren was unbelievable. Both for the screaming winguts David Menzies/Coren but also for the limp and flaccid performances by Marilyn Churley and Krisna Saravanamuttu. Why is it that these people can never anticipate the false choice wingnuts will always present them; that non-wingnuts have to take responsibility for violent acts committed by Muslims all over the World for decades (which pales in comparison to the killing fields the Christians have left in their wake over the last 70 years) if they are going to stand up for the civil rights of Canadian Muslims and their right not to be subjected to public persecution (which is every Canadian's right)?

Apart from condemning violent acts wherever they occur, what else can we do? Invade Iraq again? Spit on Canadian Muslims in public? Burn down their mosques? Any real threat to Canadians is a matter for the police and the intelligence services (*sigh*...yeah, I know).

They get suckered into it every time, despite this line of attack being entirely predictable.