Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A work in progress, and a new blogroll.

No, I'm not done with renovations here, and you'll notice that I haven't restored the blogroll so here's what we're gonna do. It was time for a change, anyway, so ... if you want to be on the new and improved blogroll, leave a comment. And a link. And money.

No, no, just kidding about that last part. I will be restoring a lot of the original blogroll but there was obviously a lot of historical cruft and new stuff that should have gotten in so, as I said, drop a short note and say Hi. I'm particularly interested in expanding the sciency part of the blogroll.

And, what the heck, if you're feeling generous, you should know that we've been doing this blog for over five years now, and all of that a labour of love. If you want to show your appreciation, something bankable is always a good thing, and I'll figure out how to divvy it up amongst us. I'm sure it'll be fair.

Or something.


mikmik said...

It is early in the morning for shocks like this.

In any event, two minutes for lookin' so good!

How much money?

(captcha = nizespec)

CC said...

How much? Well, there's this bottle of Edradour I've had my eye on ...

abber said...

Since you're on the subject of whisky and I'm still recovering from imbibing too many of them last night, might I recommend the 15 year old Linkwood and also the much more rare Glen Mhor.

JABbering Stooge said...

In case you want to add me to Blogroll 2.0, I'm at JABbering Stooge.

That is all.

fern hill said...

Us too! Us too!


Chimera said...


No fair moving all the furniture around without warning! I'm like, blind, before I've had my coffee, dangit! I just barked my shin on your sidebar.

Hmmm...doesn't look lived-in, yet. Need to give it a little time, a few cobwebs, a matched set of dust bunnies. A rogues' gallery?

mikmik said...

I'm gonna send the bottle, but you best not give me a link. A picture of my new boots once in a while, that would be nice.

My best ever drive was a 500+ par5dogleg to the right at Sherwood park. Par 5, the bend was about 250 - 300 yds so I said watch this I will hit over the woods, slice right of course, and and land on the fairway, behind the trees. That distance needed was about, I suppose(this was well before I was a drinker, so it is a really real estimate, much like BTs ideas of reality, but without the brain damage, but I digress). What was the question again?
Oh yeah: http://www.edradour.co.uk/intro3_subcontent.html

My BD isd AUG 9 and I be fiddy. Sounds like a good day for a, well, round of golf and a sip. It will be there if I can get your adress from Michelle Malkin. Perhaps patricia, the fucking douchebag!

We'll meet, how's that sound?(Perhaps, prolly not but it would ever be my pleasure someday) You can git to Edmonchuk by then? Damn, lol, I will solo it at RATT or Rutherford. (Twatsy can esplane)

Was that a 60oz or a Texas mik, BTW? Really.

I eventually bogeyed, but I hit the fairway. I nailed it.
Story of my life? :)

Congrats on the new look.

Metro said...

Interesting. Looks nice, wonder if it'll fit.

If you link to fifth-string bloggers who spend hours writing what one pithy post elsewhere has already said in five words, then by all means please link to the ol' Metroblog.

Southern Quebec said...

Like the new look.Tossed a few $ into the till.

the rev. paperboy said...

the new look is lean and mean so far - but I miss the old mast head.
And the Woodshed would love to stay on the blogroll. And I think I can speak for my fellow inkstained wretches over at the Galloping Beaver when I say we'd like it to stay on the blogroll too.

deBeauxOs said...

DAMMIT JANET! is about to pass the seven-month mark of whacking the stuffing out of the religious fundamentalist rightwingnutter pinata.

Could anything say Gotcha! better than being included on the CC blogroll?

KEvron said...

"I'm particularly interested in expanding the sciency part of the blogroll"

something like this?


Saskboy said...

I'm willing to wade into the mess that Blogrolling.com is now, and add you to my roll if you're missing right now...