Thursday, June 11, 2009

Whine, whine, whine -- part deux.

Apparently, Canada's wanks are done whining over Lisa Raitt-related complaint one, and are moving on to complaint two. Impolitical sets the stage:

Drip, drip, drip

If you could wish one punishment on this Conservative government, what would it be? What would be the absolute worst fate that could befall them? Given their obsessive penchant for information control, media manipulation, secrecy, silencing of MPs, etc., you would have to think it is exactly what is occurring now. Audio recordings of a cabinet minister that are spilling full on into public view. It's got to be the PMO's worst nightmare and the reason there was quite the effort made by the ex-aide (all by her lonesome, of course) to suppress the tape.

Drip, drip, drip, indeed -- the slow, agonizing, prolonged release of one ugly revelation after another. Which proves exactly one thing -- the media are a bunch of dicks:

Steve Maher and The Chronicle Should Release the Entire Tape

With the media unwilling to lower the rhetoric of the tape with Lisa Raitt, I find it odd that no one in the media has demanded the entire tapes contents be released.

Um ... where to even begin? Why would anyone in the media think of "demanding" this? The Chronicle Herald has the tape, they're doing with it what they want, and I don't think it's any other media outlet's business how the CH chooses to do its job. Apparently, Blogging Tory Paul (who is rapidly becoming CC HQ's latest chew toy) is monstrously clueless about how "media" works. But Paul's just getting warmed up with his staggering doofitude:

This would give a better and more balanced view of what the conversation and the context of Raitt's comments were.

Um, yeah ... cuz, you know, Stephen Taylor's stable of slack-jawed hunchbacks are always terribly, terribly concerned about context. At which point, Paul returns to his original bitching and moaning:

Now we hear reports that Maher and the Chronicle might release another small snippet of the conversation where Raitt discusses Jim Prentice. Now I imagine Maher and the Chronicle heard the entire conversation on that tape before trying too release it's comments, so why not release it all at once? ...

So here is the challenge to Maher and the Chronicle. Have at it, release the entire tape in it's entirety, and let Raitt be judged on the entire conversation, not just the parts where you think you can inflict the most damage to her reputation.

So, Paul, let me try to enlighten you here so as to help you avoid any future possibility of making such a pompous ass of thyself. First, regarding your "challenge," I'm fairly sure that neither Steve Maher nor the Chronicle Herald wake up each morning, wondering if you've called them out. So you might want to just let that whole "challenge" thing go, know what I'm sayin'?

Second, I'm guessing there's a reason they're doing this in bits and pieces, and that's because there's so much wingnutty goodness in that five hours that it's taking them a while just to sort through it, pick out the various storylines, then do the research to put together one piece after another. It's called "journalism," and it takes time to do it properly, unlike, say, writing a Blogging Tory blog post.

Third (and this one's important, Paul, so pay attention, m'kay?), doing a straight dump of the entire five hours wouldn't really fit into a standard news piece and, more critically, it would mean the Chronicle Herald blowing its wad of potential news all at once, which I'm pretty sure would be a fairly stupid thing to do. Financially, it makes more sense to stretch this out since you can sell more papers day after day. It's called "capitalism," Paul. Being a Blogging Tory, I would have thought you'd heard of it. Apparently not.

But (and here's the biggest reason no one cares what you think, Paul) is that, well, no one cares what you think, Paul. The Chronicle Herald has the tape, and they're going to write about it in whatever way they see fit that most benefits them, and what I'm pretty sure doesn't enter into their thought processes is how to make this easiest on Lisa Raitt. The CH's job is to write about news in such a way as to maximize their readership and sell papers, not in such a way as to make life comfortable for the Stephen Harper Party of Canada and its stupid, irresponsible, grasping, opportunistic, heartless, douchebag underlings.

In short, Paul, please take your whining and your kvetching and your challenge and stuff them all up Hunter's butt, because no one cares what you think.

BONUS BEATDOWN: I would be remiss in not using this and beating the living crap out of Paul with it:

OTTAWA–A budding coalition between New Democrats, the separatist Bloc Quebecois and Liberals is an exercise in nation building, NDP Leader Jack Layton told his caucus in a conference call covertly recorded by the government.

And here comes the best part ... wait for it ... wait for it ... ahhhhhhhh:

Two disparate segments of the recording totalling about 15 minutes were delivered Sunday. The senior PMO official distributing the recordings suggested more will be revealed later this week.

So, Paul, where was I? Oh, right ... fucking shut the fucking fuck up. And fuck off. That, too.

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