Thursday, June 04, 2009

Stupid people doing Twatsy things.

Blogging Tory and abortion-breast cancer fanatic JoJo goes full-metal Twatsy all over Michael Ignatieff:

Michael Ignatieff obviously seems to believe that 26-year-olds should not be held responsible for their actions - “I don’t like people blaming 26-year-olds” (Source)

Really? Is that what Ignatieff was saying? Let's go to the official record:

Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff called the minister's allowance of a staffer to take the blame "despicable," telling the House the blunder speaks to the issue of "competence in relation to the whole government."

"It's presumably the same staffer responsible for the isotope shortage and it's presumably this 26-year-old who is responsible for the whole darned department," Ignatieff said.

"How are we supposed to believe such a fiction?"

Wow. He wasn't saying anything of the sort. Try to contain your shock and amazement. After all, it's just JoJo.


Cameron Campbell said...

My face aches from reading the comments over there..

liberal supporter said...

Musing about all the other numerous screwups being blamed on the same person was funny. Why didn't Hunter make a video of this and laugh about what a great smackdown it was?

Oh, right. Oops.

Well, I called it yesterday that she would go with "they hate Raitt because she's a Conservative Woman", so let me try to extend my streak with this:

"The fired staffer was a mole who has ties to the Liberal party. In fact, the staffer was once a student of Michael Ignatieff's and was put up to this to make the CPC and Minister Raitt look bad. It was deliberate, calculated and approved by Michael Ignatieff himself. The timing was no coincidence."

And somewhat appropriately, wv is: moott

T said...

C'mon, they know they're spinning this hard....they're partisan, doesn't mean you don't call them out on it, but is really surprising that they would twist things like this?

The thing that intrigues me though is do they actually believe anyone but their peers and other predisposed individuals will actually buy what they're selling? And if not, then what's the point?

Mike said...

I'm starting to believe that Conservatism is such a mental deficiency that they don't even realize they are lying.