Tuesday, June 23, 2009

From the Department of "I wish I'd written that."

If you insert the phrase "Blogging Tories" in the appropriate places, this will still make perfect sense. Kinda like this, in fact.


Ti-Guy said...

They're doing this to frighten us by their incoherence and their irrationality.

It doesn't frighten me, it intrigues me. Who knows people like this, who go from one day to arguing about their rock-solid principles to exchanging them the next for an entirely new set of principles altogether?

Pam Geller can claim she's defending democracy here, but for the last eight years, she certainly didn't care for it at home. It's bizarre. Intern them all until we can get a commission of inquiry going.

Dharma Satya said...

I hate to be the one to say it... but that's never stopped me before:

It wasn't sexy before.
Now, it's sexy enough to get behind.

See how that works?

Anonymous said...

Huntsy on May 13:

"It's sad that the Tamil's break the law to protest the treatment of terrorists who are killing Tamils. They even carry the flag of the terrorists. We are supposed to feel sympathy for them when they bring their young kids to a rally where they are breaking the law."

Huntsy on June 22 (from comments):

"It saddens me that not one troll came here today and said how sad they were for Neda's death. Not one supported the people in Iran who are fighting for democracy. It gives a very interesting insight into the lefty mindset, and it's not pretty."

Nitangae said...

I also simply don't understand this claim that any left-winger is making light of the Iranian protesters. I don't know any, and I haven't read any, left-winger who makes light of these protests. Nor have I encountered BT or American wingnut who actually cites someone making these claims.

Of course, wonderful Neda would be considered a dangerous threat to Canada's freedoms by these same Blogging Tories if she had been in Canada. Someone whose "association with terrorism" could be assumed without evidence to the contrary, who could be left for years in a foreign embassy, could have her passport denied, who could be left to languish in Guantanamo; all of that would have been perfectly acceptable, seemingly, and all of these things open to change by Canadians - but all of a sudden, we evil left-wingers are the ones who ignore her human rights in a conflict over which neither we nor Blogging Tories have any real control.


Nitangae said...

That last sentence in the first paragraph should read: "Nor have I ever read any BT or American wingnut who actually cites a left-winger making light of the Iranian protesters,"

CC said...

Hunter writes:

"It saddens me that not one troll came here today and said how sad they were for Neda's death."

I'm sorry ... what? Hunter, the deluded lunatic who insults everyone who shows up to comment, is now insulting people because they don't show up to comment? What the fuck kind of logic is that?

Can the state please just take her children away, for their sake?

Anonymous said...


liberal supporter said...

The Ayatollah claimed the existing election result was "divinely inspired". Now it is too late. The population no longer believes, at least they do not believe the theocracy is anything other than the bunch of charlatans it is.

Just as we see our own current regime as the bunch of charlatans it is.

As we see the Iranian regime grow more desperate, we see the same from the BTs.

They know the jig is up.

CC said...

No, LS, it's not the same. One can give the Iranian people credit for recognizing a theocracy as the utter fraud that it is.

Sadly, the BTs will never achieve that level of awareness.

Frank Frink said...

To top it all off the picture Hunter has posted isn't even a picture of the Neda she's eulogizing.


KEvron said...

i'm in the process of filling cunter's inbox. join me, won't you?


KEvron said...

ouch. an unintentional double entendre like that compels me to castrate myself.


CC said...

If you can get a word in edgewise, you might ask that screeching twit where she gets the nerve to insult people when they show up, then insult them when they don't show up. I'm guessing any response will be straight out of DSM-IV.

KEvron said...

there is absolutely no engaging that nitwit. gayle makes a valiant effort, but cunter always reverts to her passive aggressive tendancies: "poor, sad gayle!" what a petty, despicable harpy she is. no shame whatsoever is revealing just how small her character really is.


wv = "mudness"!