Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Blogging Tories Long Takes: Jun 30, 2009.

So, what kind of screeching dumbassitude can we find this morning over at Stephen Taylor's Home for the Terminally Dumbass?

Kate McMillan mocks Obama spokesweasel Robert Gibbs, concluding, "If they're beginning to laugh at him, can actual reporting be far behind?" Yes, Kate, why don't you tell us all about "reporting?" This should be good. Let me make myself comfortable first.

Sandy Crux sees no problem with Tim Hudak being the second coming of Mike Harris. Good thinking, Sandy ... let's drag up memories of when Mike Harris ran things here. Make sure you let us know how that works out.

Over at "Phantom Observer," Vic asks his readers to ponder whether Michael Ignatieff is a "scholar" or an "intellectual." If asking this of his Blogging Tory readership, this would be akin to asking a tribe of chimpanzees to discuss the relative merits of fission versus fusion.

Once upon a time, a simple proposal of a coalition of Canadian opposition parties was a "coup." These days, the forcible arrest at gunpoint of a foreign leader in his pajamas, followed by his physically being dumped on a plane and exiled is, curiously, not a coup because, apparently, he was trying to do something with a referendum and his country's constitution and, God knows, we can't have that. In unrelated news, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper passing a "fixed dates" election law, then violating it almost immediately ... well, they're good with that. I have no idea how the difference works, but I'm guessing context is involved.

And, finally, Alberta Ardvark is some kind of pissed over that lazy bastard Iggy while Stephen the Large is working so gosh-darned hard for the good of the country. "Prorogation?", asked Ardvark, looking confused. "Never heard of it. Why do you ask?"

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