Sunday, June 28, 2009

All the news that's fit to ignore.

Now that Abousfian Abdelrazik is back on Canadian soil, it might be amusing to see what Stephen Taylor's Blogging Tories think of this exciting new development:

Huh ... nary a mention on the entire front page. I'm sure Stephen "Mr. Democracy" Taylor has a deep thought or two:

Nope, apparently not. Perhaps over at the Manning Centre for Democracy and Wingnut Welfare, where Taylor is pool boy and head fluffer:

Tune in next week when Canada's conservatives studiously ignore another brown person. It's what they do.


Heathen Mike said...

Hahahahaha...It's so cute and funny that you think any of those dummies would be able to correctly spell "Abdelrazik" so the search would pick up on it.

Ok, enough ad hom. The just really don't care one bit. I think we all know that.

Ti-Guy said...

Be grateful for small miracles. If you've come any of the commentary on this story at the CBC or The Star (The Globe and Mail has sensibly, cut off commentary), the fatuous and inane (and therefore, by definition, right wing) sentiment is generally along the lines of "Canada welcomes back terrorist," or "Canadian of convenience gets special treatment on my dime" and variations thereof. If the Blogging Tories took this up, it would be just more of the same; only the reatments would be longer and the intellectual dishonesty more criminal.

Sparky said...

"Ralph" posted about it--

(not that I'm condoning reading the bt's by this link)

And has quite the discussion going on in his comments by a bunch of sharp-minded lawyers about the legalities of all this... not.

Sparky said...

And now neo's weighed on on the return--

Oh right--fit to ignore being the operating condition on this one