Thursday, March 26, 2009

My sister's girlfriend's dermatologist knows this guy who ...

Blogging Tory Brian Lemon reports that he read on a blog that another blog that talks about climate change the same way David Suzuki does might have got some money from a guy who did some illegal things and, boy, wouldn't that prove that David Suzuki was a crook?

Suzuki Propaganda Agency Funded by Proceeds of Illegal Activity

Desmog Blog is part of a highly organized and well financed public relations program to continue the money train for David Suzuki and his ideological brothers and sisters dedicated to the destruction of western economies.

Yes, Brian, the "destruction of western economies." Right after, I'm guessing, forcing everyone to abort their fetuses and recruiting all children into gay, Astroglide-related lifestyles.

Join us next week when Brian learns of other propaganda funded by illegal activity and courageously looks the other way.

UNSURPRISINGLY, poor Brian gets his ass paddled in his own comments section and, in the spirit of Blogging Toryness, shuts down the dissension. And "free speech" dies a little more inside.


thwap said...

Suzuki wants to destroy the economy for the sheer, unadulterated pleasure of the destruction.

Either that, or he's a complete hypocrite laughing all the way to the bank.

I know he's a hypocrite because when he took his show on the road he used a tour bus instead of dragging all his equipment across Ontario in a wagon behind his bicycle.

That's the right-wing shithead machine for you: "heads, suzuki loses, tails the climate-change deniers win."

Ti-Guy said...

Anyone whose income is dependent primarily or largely on capital gains is likely colluding unwittingly in money-laundering, somewhere. That's capitalism, baby!

Seriously, Lemon should ask DeSmogBlog for clarification before he starts implying all kinds of perfidy. But since being a gossipy fishwife is fundamental to modern Conservatism, I doubt he will. The truth, in every case, is a secondary consideration for these cretins.

Lemon said...

First of all, TiGuy - when desmog starts asking for permission before they slander the Realist scientists than so will I.

Meanwhile, I say CPC MP Pierre P, if he did what he is accused of as far as the "in and out" (sounds saucy) scheme, then he should be penalized to the full extent of the law.

CC said...

Yes, Brian ... when it comes to "slander," you're just the person to lecture the rest of us.

Sometimes, this job really is too easy.

Stimpson said...

"... dedicated to the destruction of western economies"?

Sweet Jeebus, that's a stupid thing to say. And totally indefensible, unless you can give us a quote from Suzuki saying he and his ilk want to destroy western economies.

Ti-Guy said...

First of all, TiGuy - when desmog starts asking for permission before they slander the Realist scientists than so will I.

Conservative logic...don't you just love it?

CC said...

Shorter Brian Lemon: "But, mom, he started it!!"

The Artful Nudger said...

And now, because Mr. Lemon appears to be getting uncomfortable with people pointing out weaknesses with his slam-dunk argument, Ti-Guy gets a comment deleted and the whole comment section gets switched over to "moderated" mode.

Odd how that seems to happen.

Ti-Guy said...

I thought we were having a pretty good conversation as well.

Jesus, what a baby.

Cameron Campbell said...

What scares me, because I believe that the country, like a bird, needs both wings, is that these idiots seem to be the best that the conservatives are able to field.


Between that and the "OMG YOU CALLED ME A NAZI FOR ACTING LIKE A RACIST, FASCIST FUCKTARD! (plus you swore) I WIN!!!!" bullshit I could just scream.

But I won't. It's Friday here and I'm gonna go get me some Green Man or Emerson's later...

Cameron Campbell said...

The thing I really don't understand is that every factory that I've heard of (to use a narrow example) that has switched over to being more efficient has realized savings over a relatively short term.

Savings equal profit...

So what's the problem here?

Assume that climate change is all BS, in this case we all figure out how to be more efficient (profit) and make new products (profit) and get cleaner air and water and such (mm... air you can breathe... an intangible profit).

Assume it's real, we get all that stuff (profit, profit and more profit) and we get to either save our own lives or slow the coming hell long enough that we can figure out how to save our lives.

No matter what, I look at making smart choices kind of like sending in a long term peace keeping force. The goal is to buy enough time for a generation with a different mind set to grow up and get in charge.

Oh and Brian's "they did something mean so I can claim they are criminals" argument? I'd love to see that tried out in court. Hell I'd pay money to see that tried out in court.

KEvron said...

"his ideological brothers and sisters dedicated to the destruction of western economies"

and there's nothing you can do about it, brian!!1! bwaa-hahaha!



wv = "toring". a portmanteau of "tory" and "whoring"?

KEvron said...

they don't tend to err on the side of caution, cam. they prefer to simply err....