Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It's funny until dead Canadian soldiers are mocked, ...

... then it's apparently hilarious. At least, that's the take one gets cruising through the right-wing Idiot-sphere yesterday, during which one learns that the proper reaction to this is that, geez, you lefties need to lighten up already, it was just a joke, man, talk about, you know, getting carried away.

In closing, then, the same Blogging Tories who went totally, screechingly, spectacularly batshit fucking crazy with (fake) anguish and rage over Warren Kinsella's joke over Chinese people eating cat meat are, like, absolutely down with the folks who ridicule Canada's military 'cuz, um, that's funny.

Go figure.

P.S. I believe I've made my point. Canada's troop-hating conservative wankers are now welcome to shut the fuck up.


AFTERSNARK: Via that "harebell" link, we learn that "Red Eye" participant and troop-mocking comedian Doug Benson suddenly isn't that popular in Edmonton:

EDMONTON - The Comic Strip at West Edmonton Mall has cancelled an appearance by comedian Doug Benson after the club received threats in response to his remarks on an American TV show about Canada's military.

This, of course, only proves that Lefties are censors and closed-minded and intolerant of free speech. Or something.

APPARENTLY, from that same "Red Eye" program, this is Greg Gutfeld's heartfelt apology. Touching, no?


sooey said...

Why are "we" seeking an apology at all? Why would we care what a bunch of sophomoric dorks on early morning Fox TV say about anything?

I mean, really - a little perspective, please. It's not like Obama made fun of our break from Afghanistan.

Or... did he? I can't remember...

CC said...


It's not that we should be outraged by this; in fact, we should be used to it.

The irony to appreciate is that if a leftie TV show had done this, the insane, outraged howling from the Idiotsphere would have been unbearable.

It's not maddening. It's just amusing.

Mike said...

Threats against these idiots? In Edmonton?

I can't imagine why....

I sure support the troops.

Ti-Guy said...

Why would we care what a bunch of sophomoric dorks on early morning Fox TV say about anything?

Well, someone has to say something of substance in response to a particular topic presented in the mass media to at least indicate that people are still capable of processing information and articulating reactions.

Don't worry if that can't be you. We all know you have better things to do.

Frank Frink said...

Just remember kiddies how the BTs (and a certain segment of the USian population) were all over a certain CBC personality a little while back.

And what came out of all that kvetching?

wv = "unsious". That's how Dr. Roy spells unctuous.

sooey said...

I don't actually have better things to do.